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To help with creating new pages, the buttons bellow will start new pages pre-filled with the correct templates and a general layout. Be sure to remove all the advice text strings before you publish.

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align=left preload=Template:CreateWrestler editintro=Template:CreateWrestlerIntro break=no width=20 buttonlabel=New Wrestler </createbox>


align=left preload=Template:CreatePlot editintro=Template:CreatePlotIntro break=no width=20 buttonlabel=New Plot Page </createbox>


align=left preload=Template:CreateCo-Op editintro=Template:CreateCo-OpIntro break=no width=20 buttonlabel=New Co-Op Team </createbox>


align=left preload=Template:CreateBroadcast editintro=Template:CreateBroadcastIntro break=no width=20 default=YYYY-MM-DD buttonlabel=New Broadcast </createbox>


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align=left preload=Template:CreateMatch editintro=Template:CreateMatchIntro break=no width=20 prefix=Match/ buttonlabel=New Match </createbox> Use the VGCW Doc name when creating match pages:
Example: Super (from "Super" Grudge Match)

If it is a Championship match, use the full parameters & date:
Example: VGCW Championship Extreme Rules (2012-11-19)


align=left preload=Template:CreatePersonality editintro=Template:CreatePersonalityIntro break=no width=20 buttonlabel=New Personality </createbox>

Create: new blognew blog listing
Upload: one picture or filemultiple pictures or files 

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