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Head of Talent Relations SupernormalStep! 

Who Am I?[]

I'm Michael Lee Lunsford, VGCW Mod and creator of many of the CAWs you see in both VGCW and WVGCW.

I also run SNST a spinoff show featuring non-VGCW CAWs I and some VGCW CAWs have made.  To help W/VGCW see if people are good enough for the big time, to figure out what needs to be done to develop them better, or to see if they are even worth keeping around.

In normal life, I'm creator of the webcomic Supernormal Step , I have my own fanbase and everything! I also work professionally as a video game concept artist and character designer.

CAWs for VGCW[]

In WWE 2k14


Tingle, Mr. Satan, Red, Groose, Dr. Gero☨, Flint, Wario, Waluigi, James☨, Sagat, Sonic, Dick Gumshoe☨, Dr. Eggman, Gray Fox


Terra Branford, Chie Satonaka, Morrigan, Roll Caskett, Jessie, Carmen Sandiego, Chell Jade, She Hulk, Jill Valentine, Chun-Li

In WWE 13


Tingle** Mr. SatanRedGeno** Dan HibikiGrooseDr. Gero ☨, FlintKazuya Mishima** WarioJamesSagat** SonicDick Gumshoe  ☨


** Terra Branford** Rydia** Rinoa HeartillyChie Satonaka** MorriganRoll Caskett** Jessie** Carmen SandiegoChellJadeShe-Hulk

I'll try to update whenever a CAW from me appears.
** refers to whenever a character was remade by me, replacing an older version of that character.
☨ refers to characters that are not used in their gender's division.

SNST Transparent.png

SNST Music Credits[]

Entrance Themes:

Intro music for SNST characters currently on the roster.

Black Orchid - Black Orchid XboxOne theme

Blue Mary - Blue Mary's Blues - King of Fighters '97

Commander Keen - Aliens Ate My Babysitter

FemShepard - Reaper Chase(Reaper Noise Intro)

Dirk the Daring - Dragon's Legend

Ellie - Last of Us commercial theme "Rise Again"

Frog - Frog's Theme

Gum - Magical Girl

Guybrush Threepwood - Secret of Monkey Island 'Pirate Shout'

Fio Germi - Hamza Zak

Iron Tager - Motor Head

James - Team Rocket Motto

Jeff Gerstman - Giant Bombstep

Jinx - Jinx's Theme

Joanna Dark - Glitter Girl

John Madden - NFL on Fox Theme

Kanji Tatsumi - Pure Hearted Beast

King of All Cosmos -  Katamari on the Rocks

Kratos - God of War main theme

Leona Heidern - Desrt Requiem - King of Fighters 2002

Lucina - Future of Dispair

Magus - Battle with Magus Metal Cover

Maya Fey -  Gyakuten Sister's Theme

Naoto Shirogane - Seeker of Truth

Rash - Battletoads theme hard rock version

Raziel - Soul Reaver intro Theme Cover/Tribute

Scrooge McDuck - DuckTales Theme

Terry Bogard - Big Shot! Terry Bogard's Theme - King of Fighters XI

Viewtiful Joe - Joe the Hero

Vyse - Vyse's Theme

Jet Set Radio Team Intro - Concept of Love

Persona 4 Team Intro - Shadow World

"Fakes" Tag intro - Dubstep Lavender Town

Fight Music:[]

Moon Theme Fan Remaster

Kirby Gourmet Race DNB Remix

Many songsby CSGuitar89

Many songs by Erock

Power Rangers - Go Go Power Rangers

Power Rangers - Go Green Ranger Go

Power Rangers - Combat

Crazy Tazi - All I Want

Slammamari Jamacy

Battle for Everyone's Slams

Persona 2 - Battle

Persona 3 - Mass Distruction

Persona 3 - Battle for Everyone's Souls

Persona 4 - Reach out for the Truth

Uncharted - Bustin Chops

Chuck Rock Theme Cover

Super Mario 2 Gypsy Jazz

Guile's Theme vs. Beethoven For Orchestra

Dr. Wily For Orchestra

Gotta Catch Em All for Orchestra

Sonic Adventure 2 - Live and Learn

Gotta Go Fast Instrumental

Burning Rangers

Jet Set Radio - Oldies but Happies

Jet Set Radio - Concept of Love

Jet Set Radio - I Love Love You

DBZ ultimate Tenkaichi Rising Force

Heavy Weight Trance

Jurassic Bass

Pitfall 2 Remix

Daytona USA - Rolling Start

Donkey Kong Country - Gangplank Galleon

Gyakuten Saiban Movie - Steel Samurai Theme

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino - Level 2

Rythem Heaven Fever - Remix 10

Game & Watch - Octopus Modern Remix