The Squid Sisters
WVGCW Co-Op Team

Stay fresh

Nickname(s) The Squidkids,
The Squidols
Ring Announcer Name? Pretty Mean Sisters
Wrestlers Callie
& Marie (Splatoon)
Company/Group? Nintendo
Debut 2015-12-17
Ring Intro Music
Splatoon - Squid Sisters Song (Shiokara-Bushi)

Status Active
Impression Neutral

Stay freeeeeeesh!

Callie and Marie, better known as The Squid Sisters, are a pair of idols in the popular Nintendo game Splatoon who Lightning hired to act as announcers and interviewers for WVGCW alongside Ringside Reporter.

In SplatoonEdit

Callie (the one dressed in pink) and Marie (the one dressed in green) are an idol duo and are among the most famous squids/kids in Inkopolis. They host the recurring Splatfest events as well as the Inkopolis News segments that announce the multiplayer map and game mode rotations. In their reports, Callie is generally straight-forward and bubbly, whereas Marie prefers sarcasm and occasionally takes jabs at her partner. Splatoon's single player mode reveals that in addition to their lives as idols, the two are also retired secret agents that once fought against the malevolent Octarian forces. According to one of the Sunken Scrolls, they are actually cousins, not sisters.