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The Monstars
EDBW Co-Op Team

Ring Announcer Name? The Monsters
Wrestlers Charles Barkley
& Goomba
Company/Group? Real People
Debut 2015-05-29
Ring Intro Music
Quad City DJs vs. Was (Not Was) - Everybody Jam the Dunkoslam

Status Dissolved
Impression Face

The Monstars were an EDBW tag team comprised of Charles Barkley and a Goomba. The two were randomly paired together for a tournament and would choose to continue this partnership thereafter up until Season 6, in which Barkley, feigning retirement alongside his partner, turned his back on Goomba and attacked him, citing he's got plenty left in the tank. Their name came from the main group of villains from the legendary motion picture Space Jam.


In a tag team tournament to eventually decide the #1 contender for the EDBW Championship, Barkley and Goomba were selected at random to team up. With a great name and a crowd-pleasing entrance, The Monstars faced Applied Mathematics, Iron Tager and Sho Minamimoto, in the first round. Unfortunately, The Monstars were unable to defeat their opponents, who would go on to win the entire tournament. The team would be seen again five episodes later in a vanilla tag team match against Cho Aniki. This time, Barkley and Goomba got the win with a Chaos Dunk delivered by Charles, though the camera did not catch the deciding pinfall. Their next match together wouldn't come until the opening episode of the following season, having to go up against the debuting pair of Papyrus & Sans in a Tag Team Steel Cage match, and although Barkley was able to escape the cage, Goomba was not and they were defeated. However, he would later redeem himself by outlasting five other competitors in a Six-Man Battle Royale to determine who would get a shot at the Co-Op Champions Sam & Max; getting their match at the go-home show to Killscreen V, they gave it everything they had... but came up short in the end.

This would prove to be The Monstars' last match together. The next season, The Monstars came out, Barkley in particular in a suit, to announce their retirement from EDBW... that is, until, with Goomba's back turned ready to leave, Barkley slammed his partner to the ground with a Chaos Dunk, refusing to go down with him and turning Heel.

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Tag Record Notes
2016-07-08 Sam & Max: Freelance Police Tag Team Loss 1-3-0 For EDBW Co-Op Championship
2016-01-12 Papyrus & Sans Tag Team Steel Cage Loss 1-2-0
2015-08-28 Cho Aniki (Adon & Samson) Tag Team Win 1-1-0
2015-05-29 Applied Mathematics (Iron Tager & Sho Minamimoto) Tornado Tag Loss 0-1-0 Debut; EDBW Championship #1 Contendership Tag Team Tournament Quarter-Finals