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The Last Sheikah
WVGCW Co-Op Team

Ring Announcer Name? The Tribe
Wrestlers Sheik
& Impa
Company/Group? Nintendo
Debut 2013-09-13
Ring Intro Music
The Ocarina of Rhyme - No Jumper Cables (Goron City)

Status Active
Impression Neutral


The Last Sheikah is a tag team consisting of Princess Zelda/Sheik and her bodyguard/nanny/trusted general (depending on the game), Impa.


Season 2-4[]

The Last Shiekah debuted near the end of Season 2, but were unable to overcome Camstrings. Their later attempts in the ring would bring them success, however, as they were able to defeat both Grunty and Bayonetta and Saints Roll. Their only shot at the tag team titles came when Sheik won a Fatal Four-Way contenders' match, earning the team a match against Still Alive, the champions at the time. Unfortunately, in a rather one-sided contest, Zelda and Impa were defeated by the dominant champions.

Their next two matches would not end any better as they later lost to 18 Volts and Bayonetta and Sindel.

Season 5-7[]

The team would be temporally suspended in Season 5, however, after losing their opportunity to get into the tag team tournament. Zelda had had enough of Impa's relationship with Mr. Satan, leading to the two having a match at Breakdown F.I.V.E. Impa emerged not only with a makeover, but also victorious over Zelda. After this, the future of the team seemed up in the air.

After a series of events involving the Triforce on VGCW, Zelda was forgiven for her past actions towards Impa and The Last Sheikah were officially reunited. The team took on Jet Set Radio in an Extreme Rule match in their first bout in a number of months. Despite a few mistakes blamed on suboptimal lighting, the pair picked up the win after Impa hit the Sheikah Death Drop on Cube.

The Last Sheikah kept up their momentum with successes over Team Rockette (despite James' interference) and Diet & Exercise. Shiek and Impa would get another get another chance to fight for the tag titles, but fell to Jet Set Radio in the rematch.

Months later, the two would face off against Steak Machina. It was Impa and Chie who would do most of the heavy lifting for their teams, with Sheik getting the pin after hitting the Lens of Truth. To determine the participants in the next contenders match, Shiek was paired with The Saint in a tag match. However, the duo showed next to zero chemistry and was taken out.

Sheik would team back up with Impa and was booked against The 3rd Street Saints the next show in a Tables match. Impa was the first eliminated, but Sheik was able to overcome the disadvantage and oust The Saint and Kinzie Kensington by herself, the first time someone outnumbered would go on to win their match in years.

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Record Notes
2016-01-07 The 3rd Street Saints (The Saint & Kinzie) Win 7-5-0 Tag Team Elimination Tables
2015-11-12 Steak Machina (Chie & Aigis) Win 6-5-0
2015-07-17 Jet Set Radio (Gum & Cube) Loss 5-5-0 Gurl Co-Op #1 Contenders
2015-07-03 Diet & Exercise (Mama & Wii Fit Trainer) Win 5-4-0
2015-06-04 Team Rockette (Jessie & Rinoa with James) Win 4-4-0
2015-03-03 Jet Set Radio (Gum & Cube) Win 3-4-0 Extreme Rules Tornado Tag
2014-08-21 New Witch Order (Sindel & Bayonetta) Loss 2-4-0 Tag Team Tournament Qualifier
2014-05-30 18 Volts Loss 2-3-0 Extreme Rules Tornado Tag
2014-04-03 Still Alive Loss 2-2-0 For Gurl Co-Op Championship, Falls Count Anywhere, Tornado Tag
2014-01-31 Saints Roll Win 2-1-0
2013-10-30 The Witches Three (Gruntilda & Bayonetta) Win 1-1-0
2013-09-13 Camstrings Loss 0-1-0 Debut