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The DK Crew
VGCW Co-Op Team

The DK Crew was a co-op team comprising of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The name comes from the DK Rap in Donkey Kong 64. Despite achieving some moderate success as a unit, their partnership in VGCW came to an end with Diddy's untimely release from the company.


The DK Crew made their debut on Feburary 18, 2014, as DK returned after a month away, bringing his sidekick, Diddy Kong, with him. The duo took it to the former Co-Op champions, Wario Ware Inc., with Diddy showing his skill. However, the match abruptly ended when Wario stuck around in the ring too long and got his team DQed.

Their second bout together against Sonic & Knuckles on March 11th would go to an actual fall, but it wouldn't be the result the simians were hoping for. During all the chaos from both teams' monkey business, Knuckles would manage to give the Kongs the slip with a roll-up pin out of nowhere.

They would get a chance to prove themselves in the #1 Contenders' Tournament on April 22nd, but their appearance in said tournament would be brief. Even though DK would hit the Banana Slamma on Nappa in their quarterfinal match, it would not be enough to put him or The Saiyans away. Instead, Nappa would recover and hit DK with a devastating scoop slam. As Donkey Kong laid motionless, Vegeta wailed on Diddy long enough in the corner to send The DK Crew home early. The Saiyans would go on to win the tournament (and the titles), but the battle would be a sign of things to come.

The Kongs would finally pick up a proper victory the next week, defeating the Mystical Ninjas. A month later, they would pick up a second victory over the Dragons. This would earn them a tag team title shot, which the Kongs would win two weeks later by again defeating the Mystical Ninjas. They would face their old foes, the Saiyans, the next week, but the alien warriors would prove to be the superior monkeys that night and best the DK Crew again.

With Nappa having recently been drawn into the Season 8 plot and (briefly) turned into the robotic Bald Man, the DK Crew would get another chance to face their fellow primates if they could best two other teams. They would succeed, defeating the Ninjas for a third time, and then fending off Safety Valve to earn a second No 1 contendership shot. Will the third time be the charm for the Kongs? Or will they be squashed like a bad banana?

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2014-09-16 The Saiyans Loss 6-4-0 For Co-Op Championship
2014-08-26 Safety Valve Win 6-3-0 Co-Op Championsip #1 Contenders Match
2014-08-19 The Mystical Ninjas Win 5-3-0
2014-06-17 The Saiyans Loss 4-3-0 For Co-Op Championship
2014-06-10 The Mystical Ninjas Win 4-2-0 Co-Op Championship #1 Contenders Match
2014-05-27 The Dragons Win 3-2-0
2014-04-29 The Mystical Ninjas Win 2-2-0
2014-04-22 The Saiyans Loss 1-2-0 #1 Contenders' Tournament Quarterfinal
2014-03-11 Sonic & Knuckles Loss 1-1-0
2014-02-18 Wario Ware Inc. Win 1-0-0 Debut of Diddy Kong; Won by DQ