The 3rd Street Saints
WVGCW Stable

3rdstreetsaints vgcw 2k14

3rdstreetsaints vgcw

Nickname(s) The Saints
Leader(s) The Saint
Johnny Gat
Kinzie Kensington
Bryn McMahon
Roll Caskett
Other (Game Character)
Square Enix
Debut 2013-10-04

Status Active
Impression Neutral
Co-Op Pairing(s) Saints Roll - Shaundi & Roll
Past Allies Samus Aran, Franziska Von Karma, Android 18
Past Enemies Mad Gear, Dick Gumshoe, GLaDOS

The 3rd Street Saints are the protagonists of the Saints Row line of games, and a stable for WVGCW. At their height they controlled WVGCW with several wrestlers wearing Saints purple, but now their presence is mostly limited to a tag team of the same name.

In the Saints Row franchiseEdit

Formed together in a church in the Saint's Row district of Stilwater, during a Street Gang War between Los Carnales, the Westside Rollerz, & the Vice Kings. The 3rd Street Saints together were able to conquer all of Stillwater, eventually other cities and even the White House itself with The Protagonist becoming President of the United States. Fending off other gangs, corporations, governments, and aliens.


On the run from the law after being framed for stealing an ancient artifact, Bryn McMahon took shelter under the protection of The 3rd Street Saints. To pay back for his protection, Bryn signed away all rights as General Manager of WVGCW to the leader of the Saints, The Saint. Soon after, when Carmen was ousted of control over the company by many factors, including the work of Lightning, Dick Gumshoe, & VGCW Security; The Saints revealed their control over the company. Taking the whole company under their control, and making it a little more purple.