Team Rocket
WVGCW Stable

Jessie, James, and Rinoa

Team Rocket WWE13

Leader(s) James
Rinoa Heartilly
Square Enix
Debut 2013-07-17
Ring Intro Music
Pokemon Puzzle League: Team Rocket
Past Intro Music [1]

Status Active
Impression Heel
Co-Op Pairing(s) Team Rockette - Jessie & Rinoa Heartilly

Team Rocket is the stable of Jessie and James, who are a part of said team in the Pokémon universe. Rinoa Heartilly would later join the team as well.


During the 2013-07-17 show, Carmen Sandiego refused to allow Jessie and James form a mixed tag team. However to bypass this denial, James classified himself as Jessie's manager, allowing him to accompany her to the ring and potentially meddle with their opponent.

However, despite being popular with the VGCW Universe, Team Rocket never got a win together. James tends to just piss off the Ref and get ejected from matches, and Jessie couldn't seem to pull herself together. In fact, Jessie even lost to Rinoa at Breakdown, while James somehow ascended to the rafters.

Breakup after BreakdownEdit

In the show following Breakdown, James and Jessie were enjoying a meal purchased by "exploiting Meowth's Pay Day move". It was here that Jessie decided to end the managerial relationship. James lost his temper, only to be doused by Jessie's drink before she stormed off.

With Jessie gone from the team, James is now left with the brand.