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Team Light
VGCW Co-Op Team

Nickname(s) Team CANCELLED
Wrestlers Mega Man
& Proto Man
Company/Group? Capcom

Status Dissolved
Impression Face

Team Light is a dissolved tag team that consisted of Mega Man and Proto Man. The team disbanded when Mega Man was released from the company.

In the Mega Man series[]

DLN-000 Proto Man and DLN-001 Mega Man were Dr. Light's first two humanoid robotic creations. The two have been on opposite sides of the battlefield in both Mega Man 3 and 7, but the Light brothers have recently begun to work together to stop Dr. Wily's nefarious world domination schemes, most recently stopping the Roboenza conflict in Mega Man 10.


The two robot brothers teamed up a few times in 2012 to modest results before moving on to their singles careers for awhile. On January 16th, 2013 the two decided to reunite as a team as they took on and defeated the Game Grumps in a tag team elimination match. This led to a title shot against Raw Power on 2013-01-17. It was a tough match for the robots, and they were taken down by the duo. This was Mega's second failed shot at a Championship, and he was losing his patience. So, after this match, the Blue Bomber decided to leave VGCW for good, ending their partnership and Proto Man's time in the Tag Team Competition. This was confirmed by Bazza on the March 12, 2013 show. Following the robot's leave, Proto Man would go on to be a 2 time VGCW Champion and have a quite successful career.

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
1-17-13 Raw Power Loss 2-3-0

For Co-Op Championship

Mega Man left VGCW after this match

1-16-13 Game Grumps Win 2-2-0 #1 Co-Op Contenders Elimination Match
11-27-12 Super Mario Bros. Loss 1-2-0 Pre-Show
11-22-12 Team Fortress Loss 1-1-0 Co-Op Championship Tournament, Semi-Final
11-22-12 Raw Power Win 1-0-0 Co-Op Championship Tournament, Round 1