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Team HELL YEAH is a tag team in VGCW. Formed by the Blood Falcon clone army and under command of M.Bison's Shadaloo, they overran VGCW during the later episodes of Season 12: VGCW: World Tour.

VGCW Co-Op Team & Stable

Ring Announcer Name? The Blood Brothers
Wrestlers Blood Falcon
& Blood Falcon
& Blood Falcon
Company/Group? Nintendo
Debut 2016-07-12
Ring Intro Music
F-Zero GX - Blood Falcon Theme

Status Active
Impression Heel
Current Stable Shadaloo (stable)
Biggest Ally M.Bison
Other Allies Asura,
Biggest Enemy Ezio Auditore
Other Enemies Salvation Ops,
Travis Touchdown


Team HELL YEAH had their debut in a Six Man Tag Team match against Salvation Ops with Travis Touchdown joining them. Team HELL YEAH had an impressive intro with the announcer saying Blood Falcon 3 times. There is still high debate on which Blood Falcons were in the trio. The match seemed to be going good for the trio but then 2Kuality struck when Adam Jensen got clipped into a corner with another Blood Falcon. The match was restarted. It has been rumored that the Blood Falcons in the first match were taken out back and shot, and the ones that picked the original trio were also shot. The 2nd match didn't look good for the trio, but 2Kuality wasn't done. The crowd was stuck yelling and Travis got stuck inside a Blood Falcon the same way Adam did. The match was called off.

At Endgame X2 M.Bison absorbed the power of all of the Blood Falcons to become Shin Bison. However Shin Bison would be defeated and then destroyed by the man whom the Blood Falcons were cloned from, Captain Falcon. Sadly it is believed that no Blood Falcons remain.

Tag-Team Record[]

Date Match Type Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2016-07-12 Six Man Tag Team Salvation Ops w/

Travis Touchdown



0-0-1 #2Kuality