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Team Fortress
VGCW Co-Op Team

Team Fortress is a dissolved tag team that consisted of the Pyro and the Scout. Team Fortress were the first ever Co-Op Champions, but after losing the belts the team met its end when the Scout departed from VGCW.

In Team Fortress 2[]

In the late 1960s, Reliable Excavation Demolition (along with its bitter rival, Builder's League United) had nine mercenaries working for them, each specalizing in a different field of combat. The RED team and their BLU enemies fought many bloody battles while a neutral woman known as the Administrator watched and shouted at them over a loudspeaker for some reason.

The mercenaries suddenly lost their jobs when the feuding companies' founders and CEOs, Redmond and Blutarch Mann, were murdered by their brother Gray in the Alamo. They briefly defended weapon and hat supplier Mann Co from Gray, and then retired. RED and BLU eventually returned, along with two new rivals, GRN and YLO, but they employed a new group of mercenaries.


Two members of the mercenary group, the Scout and the Pyro, decided to join VGCW as a tag team called Team Fortress. They quickly became the first Co-Op Champions after defeating the Game Grumps in the finals of an eight team tournament and remained undefeated until losing the belts to GameCenter FU.

After losing the titles, Team Fortress never took part in tag team competition again. The Scout was subsequently let go from VGCW and Team Fortress was thus disbanded, although the Pyro still competed in singles competition in VGCW afterwards.

Team Dynamic[]

Despite being VGCW's first Co-Op champions, Scout and Pyro's teamwork was hardly spectacular. The Pyro was usually credited for "carrying" the team and getting them as far as they did. While the Scout usually did make an effort to do his part for the team, his performance was always a step behind the Pyro's. This relationship nicely falls in line with their reputations in singles and rumble terrirory: The Pyro (aka "The Dominator") is a formidible force and former VGCW champion, wheras the Scout (aka "Sunshine") was an unremarkable midcarder who never managed to achieve success by his own merits. Eventually the team disbanded and they Pyro would eventually find a new partner, Heavy Weapons Guy, whom he shares more synergy with in the ring.

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
12-5-12 GameCenter FU Loss 4-1-0

Lost Co-Op Championship

Scout left VGCW following this match

11-27-12 Law & Order Win 4-0-0 Defended Co-Op Championship
11-22-12 Game Grumps Win 3-0-0 Won Co-Op Championship Tournament Final
11-22-12 Team Light Win 2-0-0 Co-Op Championship Tournament, Semi-Final
11-22-12 Super Mario Bros. Win 1-0-0 Co-Op Championship Tournament, Round 1