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Vgcw logo.png For the successor to this team, See: Steak Machina
Steak Arcana
WVGCW Co-Op Team

Wrestlers Chie Satonaka
& Elizabeth
Company/Group? Sega
Debut 2013-09-13
Ring Intro Music
Shadow World by Shihoko Hirata

Status Dissolved
Impression Neutral

In the VGCW: Female Division[]

Steak Arcana consisted of two Persona characters, Chie Satonaka and Elizabeth. They formed with Elizabeth's debut against Saints Roll in a losing effort. While they did not have many actual matches together, they were still frequently together backstage to support each other.

The two would be vital in helping Princess Peach be rid of her Shadow self during Breakdown IV: Executive Action. They followed the Damsels of Distress into the Shadow world and teamed up with Princess Daisy to finally expel the darkness from Peach. Following this adventure, Elizabeth revealed she had a more important mission that needed her attention. She didn't leave Chie alone however, mentioning that she had a new partner lined up for her steak-loving friend. That partner was revealed to be Aigis, a fellow Persona 3 character, thereby forming the team Steak Machina.

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
05-09-14 Camstrings Loss 0-3-0
01-11-14 Mad Gear Loss 0-2-0 Elimination
09-13-13 Saints Roll Loss 0-1-0 Debut