EDBW Co-Op Team

Kanji Skullomania

Ring Announcer Name? The Tough Guys
Wrestlers Kanji Tatsumi
& Skullomania
Company/Group? Sega
Debut 2014-02-07
Ring Intro Music
Persona 4 Arena - A Pure-Hearted Beast

Status Dissolved
Impression Neutral

Skullo-Mikazuchi was a Tag Team formed by Kanji Tatsumi & Skullomania in EDBW, the team name coming from an abbreviation of Skullomania & Kanji's Persona, Take-Mikazuchi. The partnership came to an end when Skullomania was released from the roster as a victim of The Purge.


Tag Team RecordEdit

Date Opponents Type Result Record Notes
2014-11-21 Who's That Pokémon? Tag Team Win 3-2-0
2014-08-29 Cho Aniki Tornado Tag Team TLC Loss 2-2-0
2014-07-25 The Dashing Rogues Tag Team Win 2-1-0
2014-04-19 ToeJam & Earl Tornado Tag Team Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Win 1-1-0
2014-02-07 Team Bean Machine Tag Team Loss 1-0-0 Debut