EDBW Co-Op Team


Wrestlers B.D. Joe
& Tony Hawk
Company/Group? Sega
Real People
Debut 2015-11-06
Ring Intro Music
The Bouncing Souls - Manthem

Status Active
Impression Face

Skitchin' is a Tag Team formed by B.D. Joe and Tony Hawk. The name of the team comes from the act of hitching a wheeled forms of transportation, such as a Skateboard, onto a Motor Vehicle.


Debuting in EDBW during the Royal Rumble, B.D. Joe wasted little time in making alliances, forming an alliance with Tony Hawk to form the team Skitchin'. Unable to use his patented taxi however, he had to resort to using a bike instead, to enter the ring to face Homestar Heroes in their first match. In a back-and-forth contest, Joe was able to hit the Taxi Driver on Big the Cat to score the team their first victory as a unit.

Tag Team RecordEdit

Date Opponents Type Result Record Notes
2015-11-06 Homestar Heroes Tag Team Win 1-0-0 Debut