Tag Team Turnover
WVGCW Season 5
Tag Team Turnover
The referee holding the Gurl Co-Op Championship belts.
Date Range:
2014-08-07 - 2015-01-02
Key Wrestler(s):
RPGenie, New Witch Order, Kitana
Other Wrestler(s):
Samus Aran, Morrigan Aensland, Still Alive, Mad Gear, Double Dash!!, Jet Set Radio, Wright Anything Agency, The Summoners
Sub-Plot Wrestlers: Team Rocket,
Mr. Satan,
The Last Sheikah,
Cammy White,
Last Season: Season 4 (Female Division): Other GM
Next Season: Season 6 (Female Division): Tests Are Not Dead
Tag Team Turnover is the Fifth Season of VGCW: Female Division. This Season places a focus on the culmination of the bitter war between RPGenie (comprised of Lucina, Shantae, and Terra Branford) and the New Witch Order (Gruntilda, Bayonetta, and Sindel).

The Stories So FarEdit

Season 5 Plot:Edit

The Road to ContendershipEdit


1. Mad Gear Vs. Double Dash!!

2. New Witch Order Vs. Jet Set Radio

3. Wright Anything Agency Vs. The Summoners

4. Team Rockette Vs. RPGenie


1. Double Dash!! Vs. New Witch Order

2. Wright Anything Agency Vs. RPGenie

Grand FinalsEdit

1. New Witch Order Vs. RPGenie


THE TEAM ExplodesEdit