Unnatural Selection
VGCW Season 13
Unnaturalselection logo
The Season 13 logo
Date Range:
October 25th, 2016 - Current
Key Wrestler(s):
The Sons of The Patriots, Salvation Ops, Gary Oak
Other Wrestler(s):
King Vegeta's Royal Court
Sub-Plot Wrestlers Ganon
Last Season Season 12: VGCW: World Tour
Next Season Season 14
Unnatural Selection is the thirteenth season of VGCW, and the third produced by TOH. Following the conclusion of the World Tour, VGCW finds a new home in New York City. The main plot for this season will focus on Senator Armstrong and his stable, The Sons of The Patriots.

The Stories So Far Edit

M.Bison and Shadaloo had failed. However they were only the beginning. A taste of what was to come. Bison was but a puppet in a far grander scheme by Senator Armstrong to take over the company, weed out the weak and institute a new order where strength meant supremacy.

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