VGCW: World Tour!
VGCW Season 12
Season 12
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Date Range:
January 26th 2016 - August 2nd 2016
Key Wrestler(s):
Shadaloo, Barret & Flint, Dracula, The Disciplinary Committee, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Senator Armstrong
Other Wrestler(s):
Salvation Ops, Shadow Ball Valley, P.R.A.T.S., Miles Edgeworth, Travis Touchdown
Sub-Plot Wrestler(s) King Vegeta's Royal Court,
Gary Oak,
The Practice
Sho Minamimoto,
Rainbow Mika,
The BLU Rogues,
Johnny Cage
Last Season: Season 11: GameShark Attack
Next Season: Season 13: Unnatural Selection

VGCW: World Tour is the twelfth season of VGCW, and the second season produced by TOH since taking over from Bazza. The season follows the VGCW cast going on a tour across different video game worlds, with the looming threats of M. Bison and his newly-reborn Shadaloo hanging over the heads of the VGCW Universe.

The Stories So Far Edit

With the lingering threats of the GameShark and the sacrifice of Segata Sanshiro fresh in everyone's minds, General Manager Gary Oak proposed a worldwide tour for the company, sending the promotion to various video game worlds throughout to entertain its denizens. With Donkey Kong staying behind on the island to protect it from any further threats from the GameShark, the company boards their plane and heads off to wrestle in many mysterious and familiar worlds.

The World Tour focuses on travelling to various different locations which will be familiar to most people, in particular, the hometowns of the many heroes and villains of VGCW. Each episode has a unique Arena themed after the location, and usually contains a Match or Segment dedicated to their hometown wrestlers, which is always accompanied by a massive Hometown Reaction.


Episode Location Description
1 Mushroom Kingdom (Mario)

Hometown of Dr. Mario, Bowser (?), Waluigi and Toad. King Vegeta announced a Gauntlet for The Dragons' Co-Op Championship, Bowser defeated Toad in a 10-Minute "Baby Park" Special Iron Man Match, and M. Bison interfered in the Main Event to announce his intention of taking over VGCW.


Mute City (F-Zero)

Hometown of Captain Falcon. Dracula announced the next major PPV would be taking place in Transylvania, also being allowed to handpick an opponent to face him for his VGCW Championship. Blood Falcon & Asura made their debuts in the company this evening by assaulting Zubaz
3 Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog) Hometown of Sonic & Knuckles. The two formed new tag teams, and Final Fantasy 3 & Knuckles, made up of Knuckles & Sabin Rene Figaro,  defeated Sonic Truffle, comprised of Sonic & Toad. Barret Wallace was selected by Dracula after Barret put his career on the line to get the opportunity. Dr. Robotnik was also banned from entering the Arena for...obvious reasons.
4 Midgar (Final Fantasy VII) "Hometown" of Barret Wallace. Barret cut a promo at the end of the show, going over his entire VGCW Career and thanking the crowds for supporting him throughout.
Blood Money (5) Transylvania (Castlevania) Hometown of Dracula, and the host for VGCW: Blood Money. Shadow Ball Valley dethroned The Dragons for the Co-Op Championship, only for all four wrestlers & Dan Hibiki to fall victim to another attack from Shadaloo. Ganondorf claimed the Money in the Bank Briefcase, granting him a future Title Shot for any Championship of his choosing Dracula defended his VGCW Championship against Barret Wallace in a No-Contest after M. Bison interfered with the camera feed, preventing the ending of the match from being determined. BWA's General Manager Simon Belmont and Alucard made special appearances.
6 Skull Castle (Mega Man) Hometown of Dr. Wily and The Mavericks. The Practice defeated Sonic Truffle, and Air Man defeated King Vegeta in the main event. Shadaloo officially declared their intentions for VGCW, only to be interrupted by Flint, Dracula, and Barret, and the three challenged Shadaloo to a 6-Man Tag Team Match the following episode in...
7 London Japan (Various) Hometown of various Japanese wrestlers, including Chief Arino, Scorpion, Ebisumaru, Kanji Tatsumi, and Sho Minamimoto. Originally planned to visit London, the company was driven out as a result of the numerous incidents which forced them out originally. Ridley made his debut here by defeating Arino in the curtain jerk, Miles Edgeworth hired Travis Touchdown to take out a member of Shadaloo in exchange for payment, and the aforementioned Shadaloo stood triumphant over their opponents by defeating them in the aforementioned 6-Man Tag Team Match.
8 Japanifornia (Ace Attorney) Hometown of Phoenix WrightMiles Edgeworth. Phoenix was hired by King Vegeta to defend him in Wrestler's Court, and he and Edgeworth duked it out in the courtroom only to end dramatically with Gary declaring the next Pay Per View to take place on his home turf. The Dragons also returned to throw down the challenge to Blood Falcon & Asura at the next PPV.
Bonus Round WVGCW HQ Parts Unknown. Zangief & Duke Nukem were there to manage Rainbow Mika & Diet & Exercise respectively, the latter winning their match.
9 The Island, A.K.A. Monkey Island (Monkey Island) "Hometown" of Guybrush Threepwood. The GameShark returned with it's usual antics, playing with wrestler's distortions, swapping uniforms, and playing...It's A Wonderful Life of all things?! Gary announced that Dracula & Barret Wallace will have a rematch for the VGCW Championship in a Hell in a Cell Iron Man Match, with Barret's career stipulation still intact.
Mega Evolution (10) Indigo Plateau (Pokémon) The setting of the final challenge for all Pokémon Trainers to face in the Kanto & Johto Regions, the former being the home Region that Red & Gary Oak hail from, and the host of VGCW: Mega Evolution. Shadow Ball Valley  defended their Co-Op Championships against Fisherman's Horizon, and Gary Oak was conquered by King Vegeta in a Grudge Match. Two Royal Rumbles, a 20-Man Little Cup & 30-Man Prime Cup respectively, were held to determine the Challengers for the Casual & VGCW Championships respectively at End Game X2, the winners being Guybrush Threepwood & Phoenix Wright, who will challenge Dr. Wily & Dracula for the Casual & VGCW Championships, both Champions defending their titles against Waluigi & Barret Wallace, the latter ending Barret's Career, and the show ended with Flint turning on his best friend, now a slave to M. Bison's Mind Control, and The BLU Rogues stealing Ganondorf's Money in the Bank Briefcase. Jessie & James of Team Rocket made special appearances, the latter entering the Little Cup Royal Rumble at #2. R. Mika also made history by being the first woman to enter a VGCW Royal Rumble at #12.
11 New Pork City (Mother 3 The location of the final chapter in Mother 3, and "Hometown" of Flint, where he revealed that his betrayal on Barret was not only down to Bison's mind control, but also his own resentment over being overlooked for so long. King Vegeta declared that the next Newcomer to join the company would be declared the Royal Court's Jack, Gary Oak announced the King of the World Tournament to get one over the Badking, and it was revealed that Edgeworth had picked up something from The Island... The Triforce of Power.
11.5 Tenkaichi Budokai (Dragon Ball) The location of many of the famous World Martial Arts Tournaments throughout the story of Dragon Ball, and the setting for the King of the World Tournament.
Miles Edgeworth
Knuckles the Echidna
Miles Edgeworth
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage
Seifer Almasy
Seifer Almasy
Seifer Almasy


12 Funkotron (ToeJam & Earl) The home planet of which ToeJam and Earl hail from. The Co-Op Champions declared that the team to face them at End Game X2 would be determined by a Beat the Clock Challenge, with the newly-formed Two-Timing, made up of Reyn & Sho Minamimoto, defeating the also newly-formed CXY, made up of Chief Arino & Ebisumaru, with a time of 16:17. In the other Beat the Clock Challenge, Sonic Truffle defeated the previously mentioned ToeJam & Earl with a time of 13:37, proving themselves to be "The Leetest" team in VGCW with the time to beat. It was also here that Guile & Goemon's lives came to a shocking conclusion at the hands of a desperate M. Bison, expressing his desire for even more power.
13 Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda) The setting of a large majority of each Link's adventures. The second pair of Beat the Clock Challenges took place, with The Mavericks setting the fastest time by defeating The Fuckheads, and the Loose Cannons, with Ganondorf's "assistance", defeating Final Fantasy 3 & Knuckles, but not quick enough to qualify, meaning they supposedly keep hold of his briefcase for the time being. Ezio called out Blood Falcon in the Main Event, determined to rescue whatever remained of his friend to little effect, as Blood Falcon knocked him out. After the match however, Travis Touchdown assassinated Blood Falcon, supposedly completing the mission that Edgeworth had hired him to do... unfortunately for the pair, with the sound of a loud gunshot ringing through the air, countless Blood Falcon clones began attacking the Locker Room and anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way, eventually overwhelming them.
14 Aperture Science HQ (Portal) The setting for all of Chell's trials in Portal and it's sequel, and the supposed setting for the 6th Season of WVGCW. The wrestlers were also followed by the hordes of Blood Falcons that had manifested the episode prior. The card for End Game X2 was announced, with The Mavericks defeating Sonic Truffle for a shot at the Co-Op Championship. Ganondorf used the W.H.A.T.I.F. Machine to discover the location of his MitB Briefcase and retrieve it, and Phoenix & Guybrush, with Ganondorf's "assistance", defeated Dr. Wily & Dracula, who had Dr. Robotnik in their corner. Right after the match, Ganondorf declared his intention to cash-in on the VGCW Champion on a grand stage while Phoenix & Dracula looked on. Seifer also confronted Senator Armstrong, accusing him of bankrolling Shadaloo's actions and being the one behind the curtain. Immediately afterwards, Armstrong declared Seifer to be "worthy" and revealed a secret passage supposed to contain VGCW's most closely guarded secret, welcomed with a familiar voice...
End Game X2 (15) Thailand (Various) The homeland where M. Bison rules with an iron fist, and the setting for the final stop on VGCW's world tour, End Game X2. The Mavericks claimed the Co-Op Championship for a second time, Dr. Wily defended the Casual Championship against Guybrush Threepwood, and Phoenix Wright defeated Dracula to become the new VGCW Champion, while also managing to escape an attempted cash-in by Ganondorf. It was revealed via flashbacks that M. Bison had been keeping Captain Falcon in a test tube and cloning him to create the Blood Falcon army. Unfortunately for Bison, Senator Armstrong told him that he had outlasted his usefulness and let him go, and Asura & Flint followed suit, abandoning the Dictator. Salvation Ops led a sneaking mission with Ezio to free the Captain, and the assassin confronted Bison; after incapacitating him however, Bison absorbed the Blood Falcons and entered his Shin form, easily taking down Ezio. Captain Falcon then entered the fray and was able to stop the Dictator for a brief period, but, realising that he would continue to threaten VGCW so long as he drew breath, Captain Falcon released one final Falcon Punch to vanquish M. Bison for good, taking his own life to do so. It was also revealed through one final flashback VGCW's deepest, darkest secret; a Private Military Company made up for individuals from not only VGCW, but WVGCW as well, such as Android 18The Boss, and GLaDOS. All Sons of the Patriots, looking to "take back" the world and create a "better future" for humanity.
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