GameShark Attack
VGCW Season 11
VGCW GameShark Attacks
Season 11 Logo
Date Range:
2015-07-11 - 2015-12-01
Key Wrestler(s):
Segata Sanshiro, Octodad, The Disciplinary Committee
Other Wrestler(s):
Gary Oak, Miles Edgeworth, The BLU Rogues, Red, Illidan Stormrage
Sub-Plot Wrestler(s) Salvation Ops
The Mavericks
Senator Armstrong
Sabin Rene Figaro
Kanji Tatsumi
Johnny Cage
ToeJam & Earl
The Dragons
Birds of Prey
Knuckles the Echidna
Last Season: Season 10: The New Generation
Next Season: Season 12: VGCW: World Tour
GameShark Attack is the Eleventh Season of VGCW, and the first season produced by TOH since taking over from Bazza. After the life-changing events that transpired at End Game X, the VGCW Roster took off to the sandy shores of Parts Unknown to wash away the hardships of the past few seasons...that is until the VGCW Universe comes under attack from a devious creature known only as the "GameShark ", causing havoc by corrupting and glitching the wrestlers in various different ways.

The Stories So FarEdit

For over nine months, The Nightmare had threatened humanity with extinction unless a worthy challenger could defeat him. Many tried, and failed, to defeat the behemoth, but ultimately the final battle came down between him and his best friend Adam Jensen for the fate of everything that ever was. Adam's strength was not enough to match The Nightmare however, and the outlook began to look very dark for mankind...that is, until a connection was made, a crucial piece of the puzzle that had been needed to finally end The Nightmare for good: Prayer. Gabe's good side had been leaving the crucial clue all along for the world to find, and with the combined prayer of the VGCW, WVGCW, EDBW, and the VGCW Universe, Nightmare Gabe was finally defeated, ending The Nightmare that threatened everything we held dear, but at the very heavy cost of Gabe Newell's life. With the threat over, VGCW could finally continue, but the Parliament of the United Kingdom, finally having enough of VGCW constantly releasing threats against the world, threatened to sanction the show, combined with a low morale across the board. To combat this, the General Manager packed things up and moved out to the beach, where nothing but sun, sea, and sand await...right?

Season 11 PlotEdit

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