Santa Claus
VGCW Wrestler


Design from: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Real Name Saint Nicholas Claus
Nickname(s) Saint Nick,
Father Christmas,
Tim Allen,
Dr. Light
Commentary Name? Santos
Company/Group? Special Guest
Debut 2012-12-23
Ring Intro Music
Jingle Bells (Techno Remix)

Status Special Guest
Impression Face
Biggest Ally Jesus Christ
Biggest Enemy Baz McMahon

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Santa Claus is a folkloric figure associated with the holiday of Christmas and a guest wrestler for VGCW who appeared on the Christmas broadcast.

In Real LifeEdit



The Santa Claus we've come to know developed in the 20th century, as Christmas was transitioning from a mildly important Christian adaptation of Yule to one of the most significant holidays in western civilization, celebrated by people of many different backgrounds. Santa Claus, a fat, bearded caucasian man in a red suit who is based roughly off a German saint who gave toys to the children in his town, lives in the North Pole (generally understood as 90°N latitude, though a certain Alaskan town of the same name also claims to be the home of St. Nick) in an old-fashioned workshop with a large number of pre-Tolkien elves. Depending on who you ask, there may also be a Mrs. Claus living there as well. Santa and the elves spend 364 days of the year making toys for every child that Santa conciders to have been good that year, then on the night of December 24th, he delivers them all by flying his magical sleigh to each child's house, climbing down their chimney, placing presents under the Christmas tree, then climbing back up. Any questions about how he does all this, or about his apparent immortality, his limitless resouces, and where he found his elves that don't appear to live anywhere else on Earth are answered simply with "he's magic."


Santa came to visit VGCW on December 23rd to punish Baz McMahon for being naughty. Unfortunately, Santa's not very good at wrestling, and he ended up being soundly beaten. Fortunately, Santa had planned ahead and brought Jesus Christ along, and sent him in to finish the job. Once McMahon was down, Santa went back to the North Pole and Christmas cheer was brought to VGCW at last.