Princess Elise
EDBW Wrestler


Princess Elise real
Design from: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Ring Announcer Name? Princess L Luis
Commentary Name? The Princess
Billed From? Your Darkest Fears
Company/Group? Sega
Debut 2014-10-07
Ring Intro Music
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - His World
Three Shitty Friends
(Three Amigos)

The Furry Community
(Long Kiss Goodnight)

Status Active
Impression Face
Biggest Ally The King of all Cosmos
Biggest Enemy Ulala
Other Enemies Geno

EDBW Hardcore Champion


Sonic! I knew you would come...

Princess Elise is a character in the notorious Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (aka Sonic '06) and a wrestler in EDBW. Originally meant as a cruel joke, she has recently started to make more regular appearances on the show.

In Sonic '06 Edit

For some reason, SEGA thought it a good idea to give Sonic the Hedgehog a human love interest who looked more like a JRPG character than a Sonic character for Sonic '06. This was far from the dumbest thing in that game, but that's beside the point. Elise is the princess of Soleana, a magical kingdom, who gets kidnapped by Dr. Eggman because she's the key to the Flames of Disaster or some stupid shit. Then Sonic rescues her. Then she gets kidnapped by Eggman again because Sonic was looking in the wrong direction for a few seconds. Then she gets rescued again, rinse and repeat. While she was getting rescued and kidnapped over and over again the other 'hogs find out a bunch of shit about her backstory that makes no goddamn sense. The gist being if Elise cries then the world is fucked. So the evil dark bad-guy hedgehog [fuck trying to explain that shit] kills Sonic so she cries and then that summons the evil fire god. But don't worry because she kisses Sonic and brings him back to life in what is probably the most awkward scene in Sonic history. After that, Sonic undoes the past and everything that happened so Elise doesn't even remember Sonic or any of the events of the game.

But we remember. Oh Deer Lord do we remember.