Pre-Seasons: The Belt Heist
VGCW Plot Moment
Carmen Sandiego successfully steals the Classic Gurl Gamer Championship belt.
Key Wrestler(s):
Cammy, Carmen Sandiego,
Princess Zelda & The Boss
Other Wrestler(s):
Princess Peach & Gruntilda Winkybunion
Before Season 1, WVGCW didn't have a plot in the typical sense (as it was relegated to preshow fights) but fans managed to string a few simple plots together. The most apparent of these was The Belt Heist, which occurred just before the Women's Division went on a very long hiatus, then returned for one last broadcast before the division was indefinitely suspended, ultimately to be picked up by Bryn McMahon in April.

Operation Killerbee EaterEdit

Over the course of the pre-season, Cammy rose as one of VGCW's strongest female fighters, ultimately ending the pre-season as Champion after a close encounter with the belt which led to a brief feud with The Boss. The two first crossed paths when Cammy was awarded the #1 contender spot for winning a 6-(woman) Battle Royale. The fight started off normal enough, but Cammy eventually used an ultraplex on The Boss, leaving her to be counted out as she lay outside the ring unconscious. Because belts don't transfer by countout, The Boss kept her title, although perhaps not her pride. She regained it by beating Cammy in a later match, ending the short-lived feud. Cammy later became champion by winning a six-woman HIAC match, due to the previous champion's continued absence.

Zelda's QuestEdit

Meanwhile, Princess Zelda was preparing to join VGCW in hopes of defeating Ganondorf due to Link's failure to do so. She donned her androgynous Sheik persona hoping to fool Baz McMahon and VGCW security, but was caught before she could fight anybody. Nevertheless, Zelda hoped that by succeeding in the women's division, McMahon would be convinced to give her a chance at fighting Ganon. Despite a mediocre performance in her first match, she managed to quickly become #1 contender by winning a Fatal Four-Way, then went on to defeat the Boss and become Champion. McMahon was not moved, and Zelda failed to defend the title against her next opponent...

The HeistEdit

Whether she snuck in Jey Uso-style or managed to fool Baz McMahon into trusting her, Carmen Sandiego appeared in the next WVGCW broadcast, and she had the Gurl Gamer Championship in her sights. Driven by the power of greed, Sandiego wound up sneaking in and taking down Lara Croft who had eliminated everybody else in the six-way match to become #1 contender. She showed no signs of slowing down as she ruthlessly battered Zelda and pinned her to become the only person to win a title match on the day of their debut (excluding The Boss, who had the belt from the very beginning). And with that, she vanished, taking the belt with her. Some believed the belt was gone forever, but Baz McMahon wan't going to end it there. He stripped Sandiego of her title, made a new belt and held a HIAC match to determine the new champion, which as stated earlier, turned out to be Cammy.