Naoto Shirogane
EDBW Wrestler

Dancing All Naoto
WWE 2K14 CAW created by: Supernormal Step & John Dudebro

P4D Naoto
Design from: Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Nickname(s) The Detective Prince
The 2000 I.Q. Killjoy Detective
Ring Announcer Name? Navajo Shadow Gibby
Commentary Name? The Prince
Billed From? Japan
Company/Group? Sega
Debut 2014-02-07
Ring Intro Music
Persona 4 Arena - Seeker of Truth
Mayonaka Drive
(Corkscrew Neckbreaker / Moonlight Drive)

(Running Double-Knee Facebreaker / Codebreaker)

Status Active
Impression Face
Current Co-Op Team COPS
Biggest Ally Aya Brea
Other Allies Blaze Fielding,
Past Allies Rise Kujikawa, Chie Satonaka

Are you a pack of imbeciles?!

Naoto Shirogane is a recurring party member in the Persona 4 line of games, and a wrestler for EDBW. Originally debuting in SNST, where she was the inaugural SNST Women's Champion, she became part of EDBW's roster upon it's opening before quietly transitioning into a backstage role, and then returning to the ring as a member of COPS alongside Aya Brea & Blaze Fielding.

In the Persona 4 SeriesEdit

Orphaned at a young age, Naoto Shirogane is a 5th Generation Detective in a long line of famous Shirogane detectives. Hiding her gender to avoid harassment by the police, she is dubbed "The Detective Prince" by the media. When she moves to the small rural town of Inaba, Japan to investigate a serial murder case, in which multiple people were found dead hanging from television antennae, her whole world is turned upside down when she is attacked and thrown into the Midnight Channel, an alternate world where people's insecurities are exaggerated ten-fold. Coming face-to-face with her insecurities, she joins the Investigation Team upon her Shadow's defeat and helps solve the murder case, come into contact with the mysterious Shadow Operatives, and get down on the dance floor.


Non-Royal Rumble RecordEdit