WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Real Name Amy Christine Dumas
Ring Announcer Name? Lita
Commentary Name? Lita
Billed From? Sanford, North Carolina
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2013-06-06
Ring Intro Music
Boy Hits Car - Lovefurypassionenergy
Past Intro Music It Just Feels Right
Lita DDT,
Reverse Twist of Fate

Other Allies Edge
Past Enemies Android 18, Trish Stratus

"If it makes you feel any better, Dean, it hurts me to look at you too."

In Real Life/WWEEdit

Lita is a former WWE Diva, remembered mostly for her run with the company between early and mid 00's. She, alongside Jeff and Matt Hardy, formed a stable called Team Xtreme. Lita is a four-time Women's champion and is generally considered one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.


In the first VGCW vs WWE match since January, Lita participated in the first ever female match in the series, her opponent being Android 18 in an Extreme Rules match. The score was already 4-2 to VGCW, so Lita needed to put the WWE crew back on the right track. She failed to do so as Android 18 managed to escape from a twist of fate and use a Nothern lights suplex to give VGCW its fifth win in a row against the WWE.