Leon S. Kennedy
VGCW Wrestler


Leon s kennedy 2
Design from: Resident Evil 2

Status Off Roster
Impression face
Biggest Enemy Wesker

Those zombies are everywhere!

Leon Scott Kennedy is one of the protagonists of the Resident Evil series and a former wrestler for VGCW.

In Resident EvilEdit

Leon S. Kennedy is one of the most well-known characters of the hit series Resident Evil, with fellow characters such as Jill Valentine and Wesker also competing in the VGCW. He is a playable character in all the even numbered Resident Evils (2, 4, and 6).


A vidya so uninteresting, he was the last male wrestler who debuted in November to get his own wiki page. Only appearing in four Royal Rumble matches from November 19th to November 21st, his track record was pitiful, becoming fodder for better wrestlers like Scorpion. Leon was quietly released alongside several of VGCW's other less remarkable early wrestlers, including Agent 47, Naruto, and Dr. Doom.