Law & Order
VGCW Co-Op Team


Status Dissolved
Impression Face


Law & Order is a dissolved tag team that consisted of Max Payne and Phoenix Wright. After failing to win the Co-Op Championship, the team disbanded when Max Payne left VGCW.


Law & Order's run was a brief one in the early November 2012 days of VGCW. The two made it to the semi-finals of the Co-Op Championship tournament and would also get a shot at the titles a couple of shows later that ended in defeat at the hands of Team Fortress. After that loss, the two separated and Max Payne would fade into obscurity while the more popular Phoenix Wright went on to become one of the top stars of Season 2, temporarily partnering with Nappa to create a new tag team, Ghost Trick.

Tag Team RecordEdit

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
11-27-12 Team Fortress Loss 1-2-0 For Co-Op Championship, Phoenix earned the shot in a triple threat match
11-22-12 Game Grumps Loss 1-1-0 Co-Op Championship Tournament, Semi-Final
11-22-12 The Practice Win 1-0-0 Co-Op Championship Tournament, Round 1