WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Real Name Kia Michelle Stevens
Ring Announcer Name? Kharma
Commentary Name? Kharma
Billed From? Tokyo, Japan
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2013-10-04
Ring Intro Music
Jim Johnston - Bad Karma
Implant Buster

Biggest Enemy Franziska Von Karma
Other Enemies Bella Twins


In Real LifeEdit

Kia Michelle Stevens is a professional wrestler, best known for her ringnames Awesome Kong during her TNA run and Kharma during her time in WWE. In TNA, she was a two-time Women's Knockout Champion and holds the record of longest combined reign for the title. She is the third of three women wrestlers (First two being Chyna and Beth Phoenix) to compete in a Royal Rumble match. Just her entering the match was enough to intimidate Michael Cole into jumping the top rope and eliminating himself.

Yes, THAT Michael Cole.


It was perhaps fitting to arrange a match between WWE's Kharma and VGCW's Karma for WVGCW's Breakdown to determine who was the better Karma. In the 10th match of the VGCW vs WWE series, Kharma managed to survive a spear though the barricade and showed shades of the Dark Lord himself to score one for the WWE crowd, making the score 6-4 in VGCW's favour (tying the score at 2-2 if you're only counting Female matches).