John Cena
WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Real Name John Felix Anthony Cena
Nickname(s) cenawinslol,
Super Cena,
Gyaaaaaawwwwwnnnn Cenerrr,
Crafty Clever Cena,
Toilet Dinner,
Big Match John,
Walking Internet Meme
Ring Announcer Name? John Cena
Commentary Name? John Cena
Billed From? West Newbury, Massachusetts
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2012-11-19
Ring Intro Music
John Cena - My Time is Now
Five Knuckle Shuffle,
Attitude Adjustment,

Biggest Ally The Kids
Other Allies Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Kane
Past Allies Zack Ryder, Dean Ambrose, Tony, Mr. McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Fred (YouTube), Fred Flintstone, Scooby-Doo
Biggest Enemy The Smarks
Other Enemies ...Vegeta and JonTron?, Woody, Randy Orton, The Rock, Ryback, The Miz, Kevin Owens
Past Enemies Alberto Del Rio, Batista, Bray Wyatt, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, John Laurinitis, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Edge, Triple H, The Nexus, Rusev, The Great Khali


In Real Life/WWEEdit

John Cena is a wrestler in the WWE and one of its biggest stars. He's loved by kids and moms, but HATED by the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), a.k.a. smart marks. He is an 11-time WWE Champion,15-time World Champion, 4-time United States Champion, 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion, 2-time World Tag Team Champion, 2-time Royal Rumble winner, and a 4-time World Heavyweight Champion.

You know why? Because the Champ is here!


John Cena participated in the second Royal Rumble of November 19th 2012 (entering at #11) as a request from the live chat, mostly as a joke. He eliminated Wesker, Phoenix Wright and Mr Satan before being thrown out by Woody.

Cena has influenced the careers of a number of VGCW wrestlers. JonTron began using Cena's theme My Time Is Now as a lead-in to his intro after getting nicknames like JonTron Cena and Jon CenaTron as a result of him claiming quite a few victories in spite of his lack of popularity and statistical disadvantage. Charles Barkley also started getting compared to Cena after winning the VGCW championship for the 3rd time, due in part to his leg injury becoming an advantage through the power of THQuality. Unlike JonTron, he refused to embrace this reputation and personally confronted the audience, demanding their respect. His career went downhill after the third Championship win, however, and with the exploitation of his leg injury becoming common knowledge Barkley efforts to distance himself from Cena only did so much.

Vegeta started using Bad Bad Man as his theme song after his first singles victory. This, however, was not because of his relation with the audience (he, in fact, is quite popular), but because it went with his new "BADMAN" persona. He kept the theme until he became Majin Vegeta, and starting using it again after his return at the end of Season 5.

Part of Lucina's gimmick is based around John Cena, from the "Let's Go 'Cina!"/"'Cina Sucks!" dueling crowd chants to "#RISEABOVEFATE" and "#LUCINATION".

This gimmick would eventually result in a special match VGCW vs WWE fought between Cina and Cena. Cena opened up very strong but Cina gradually regained ground against him. Cina would win the match with a DualStrike powerslam. The two shook hands; Lucina and John reached Support Rank C.


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