Jey Uso
WWE Superstar


Design from: WWE

Nickname(s) Jay Leno
Ring Announcer Name? Jey Uso
Commentary Name? Jey Uso
Billed From? San Francisco, California
Company/Group? WWE
Debut 2013-01-22
Ring Intro Music
Jim Johnston - So Close Now (The Usos) [feat. David Dallas]

Past Allies Chat
Past Enemies M.Bison, Ganondorf

"When we say US, you say O!"

In Real Life

Jey Uso is a wrestler for the WWE.


Accidental Debut

He was mistakenly added to the 2013-01-22 Royal Rumble by Bazza. Since he was one of the first up and was eliminated quickly, the mistake was allowed without a match restart.

This moment of BazzaQuality had chat create, constantly edit, and spam this page repeatedly, even though it wasn't very funny. Chat went on to not learn anything from this.

Popularity Match

Do to Jey's sudden "popularity," he was a perfect fit for a VGCW VS. WWE match. His match was held 2013-01-28, and to the joy of VGCW fans, Jey lost the match to M.Bison. In Bazza's timezone, it had already become Tuesday.

Surprise Rumble Return

Jey returned to VGCW in the 2013-02-28 rumble, much to everyone's joy. He put up a fair fight against Ganondorf before ultimately being forced out of the ring.

Since this is Jey's second appearance in a VGCW event, and not a VGCW VS. WWE match, it is unknown if he has joined VGCW full time or not. Only time will tell.

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