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Jet Set Radio

Nickname(s) JSR
Ring Announcer Name? The Grinders
Wrestlers Cube
& Gum
Company/Group? Sega
Debut 2014-06-27
Ring Intro Music
Jet Set Radio Future - Concept of Love

Status Active
Impression Face

Jet Set Radio is a Tag-Team comprised of Cube and Gum. The name comes from the series both members originate from, and they are both EDBW Graduates.

In Jet Set Radio[]

Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio if you played the original American version) is a genre-busting video game which involves a bunch of gangs called Rudies who go around the city in rollerblades attempting to mark their territory using their graffiti skills. The protagonist gang is known as the GGs, and is the gang where both Gum and Cube come from. Their goal is to beat all the rival gangs by spraying over their graffiti while also avoiding the cops and avoid any other law-enforcement officers that may appear when they attempt to do their dirty work.

And by "other law enforcement officers", we mean "assassins, tanks, helicopters, and spider mechs".

Graffiti removal is serious business.

In the VGCW: Female Division[]

Season 4: Fly Like a Butterfly.[]

The dark heart of WVGCW, the Damsels of Distress came out to the ring to strike fear into the hearts of the crowd. But the crowd weren't afraid when they saw who came out to face them; Jet Set Radio! Newly called up from EDBW, Gum and Cube were ready to kick some (ready to kick some) ass and were hoping to start with the two princesses. In their first match, a tornado tag team, they showed some heart and skill, but the Damsels of Distress were in the prime of their career, and the newcomers inexperience showed when they went down to Princess Peach.

Season 5: What is Love? What is Free Love?[]

A big Tag Team Tournament for the Gurl Co-op Championship was set up, and Jet Set knew they had to be there to make their mark. They intended to go up against Devil's Advocate for a place in the tournament. However, Morrigan's feud with Kitana over the Casualette Belt meant she wasn't there to take part, and She-Hulk had to fight Jet Set alone. The two made a strong showing on the notorious powerhouse, but even if they hadn't looked so good, She-Hulk didn't have it in her to win a 2 on 1 fight and she went down, netting Jet Set a place in the tournament.

Their place secured, they had the bad luck of going up against the New Witch Order in the first round. Cube and Gum just couldn't get a good grind going and wiped out hard to the witches, much to the crowds disappointment. The Grinders weren't ready to slow down yet though, and they went up against Saints Roll. Despite some mid-match shenanigans, the match did eventually reach a conclusion. After a long and fast-paced battle, Jet Set Radio won the match 2-1, scoring their first proper victory.

Tag-Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2015-07-28 RPGenie Loss 5-4-0 For WVGCW Co-Op Championship
2015-07-17 The Last Sheikah Win 5-3-0 WVGCW Co-Op #1 Contenders
2015-07-03 Witchpac Win 4-3-0
2015-06-04 Steak Machina Win 3-3-0 Tornado Tag
2015-03-03 The Last Sheikah Loss 2-3-0 Extreme Rules Tornado Tag
2014-11-14 Saints Roll Win 2-2-0
2014-09-30 New Witch Order Loss 1-2-0 Gurl Co-Op #1 Contenders Tournament First Round
2014-09-04 Devil's Advocate Win 1-1-0 Morrigan didn't show up
2014-06-27 Damsels of Distress Loss 0-1-0 Tornado Tag Team; Female Division Debut