Jerry "The King" Lawler
WWE Superstar Personality


Real Name Jerry O'Neil Lawler
Nickname(s) King,
Shut Up King
Company/Group? WWE
Debut Pre-Archive

Status Active
Impression Sexist
Biggest Ally Michael Cole
Biggest Enemy Michael Cole


Jerry "The King" Lawler is a legendary wrestler and commentator in WWE and VGCW.

In Real LifeEdit

Lawler used to wrestle the main roster.

Jerry Lawler is currently a commentator in WWE, and along with his broadcast partner Michael Cole, often produces terrible commentary. He used to be one of the biggest wrestlers in Memphis, and had many legendary feuds, but you don't care about that.  He was also once charged with raping a 15 year old girl, but the charges were dropped when the victim suddenly admitted she "fabricated some of the story."



Typical reaction to Lawler's perverted comments.

Jerry Lawler commentates during streams with Michael Cole, and is somehow even worse than Cole is. Like Cole, his actual commentary is very poor and often makes no sense, preferring to talk about Harvard educated feet rather than the actual match. Lawler also has a hard time figuring out what a Texas Cloverleaf is as well as having a tendency to scream nervously during VGCW matches.

Vintage LawlerEdit

Oh, my motto would be "Love Thy Neighbor" if I lived next door to her.

Jerry has recently brought a lot of attention to himself during WVGCW. While he was already known to be a horrible commentator, King has brought it to a new level of creepiness. He often makes perverted remarks about the female wrestlers, even though VGCW is a family show, and constantly compares them to odd things like race tracks. Lucky for Lawler though, his partner Cole has managed to draw attention away after making an extremely disturbing comment about inferno matches.

In spite of growing complaints, Lawler has shown no signs of stopping his perverted commentary. On 2013-05-02 he made a major faux-pas by using his infamous "Love thy Neighbor" line in the presence of an underage child. While it's likely he either didn't know she was underage or was directing the comment towards her lethal legal opponent, it has nonetheless upset many viewers.

Lawler continued his antics on May 13, 2013, most notably directing his comments multiple times towards the Androids and newcomer Roll Caskett. Many viewers were especially upset at his comments towards the latter, due to Roll being unmistakably underage, but Lawler seems to be showing no signs of stopping nonetheless.