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Ghost Trick
VGCW Co-Op Team & Stable

Status Dissolved
Impression Face
Biggest Ally Mario
Other Allies Vegeta
Biggest Enemy Baz McMahon
Other Enemies The McMahon Elite Four

Ghost Trick is a dissolved tag team and stable that was comprised of Phoenix Wright and Nappa. The two joined forces for the express purpose of solving the mystery of Little Mac's hit-and-run. Phoenix was initially reluctant to accept Nappa's help, but decided to partner with him when he realized he needed Nappa's muscle. Ghost Trick's allies included Vegeta, who was Nappa's previous tag team partner, and Solid Snake, who assisted them in their investigations.


Their first match was a handicap match after Mr. L attacked Phoenix during an investigation phase. Phoenix and Nappa quickly KO'd the masked man together.

Their second, more serious match together was on the 2013-01-17. Phoenix was assaulted by Gary Oak and Ezio, but Nappa rushed to help him and the real fight began. Ghost Trick proved their combined power and they won the match.

During the final episode of Season 2, team Ghost Trick managed to finally stop Mr. L, who had been brainwashed by Baz McMahon. Thanks to Phoenix's plan, Luigi was able to get his memory back and destroy his evil side. Ghost Trick's hard work had solved at least one mystery. The real person behind Little Mac's hit-and-run was still unknown at the time, but Ghost Trick was quickly dissolved. After bidding farewells to each other, Nappa and Phoenix parted ways. It is unknown if they will make a comeback.