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GameShark logo

Company/Group? Other (Character Type)
Debut 2015-09-08

Status Dead
Impression Heel
Biggest Ally 2Kuality
Other Allies YukesQuality
Past Allies THQuality
Biggest Enemy Segata Sanshiro
Other Enemies Octodad, The Disciplinary Committee, Donkey Kong

"Hack Like A Pro."

In Real LifeEdit

GameSharks were a brand of video game "enhancement" devices used to manipulate the internal code of a video game cartridge or disc. Codes were passed around on the internet, or you could try coming up with your own codes and see the results.

These devices only lasted up to the 6th generation of game consoles (and some later generation handhelds). This is partly due to console manufacturers clamping down on their ecosystems to prevent game piracy. Also, with newly integrated internet connectivity, online game sessions needed policing from cheaters. So the manufacturers used their ability to update their consoles' firmware in an attempt block these modification devices and game pirates.

Since cheating for the mainstream consumer was getting too difficult, device providers stopped making money on products like the GameShark, and thus they ultimately ceased production.


Season 11 brought a change of location to VGCW, in an attempt to relax for a while. The new locale was the beach, but this new place slowly started to reveal oddities. These all came to a head during VGCW: Infinite Summer where the GameShark was revealed to be actively changing the fabric of reality, ranging from talent's appearances to match types themselves. However, GameShark has tendencies to avoid Contender matches and title matches. This has been dubbed by the audience as the GameShark "respecting" the match.

Despite the efforts from The Disciplinary Committee, Segata Sanshiro, and Octodad, siting and prevention of the GameShark have yet to happen.

List of GameShark's BugsEdit

Date Match Changes
2015-09-29 Wario Ware Inc. vs The Practice Changed the special referee to Kappa
Octodad vs Demoman Changed Octodad's attire to Edgeworth's. This change lasted for the entire season
Mike Haggar vs Professor Layton Big Head Mode
The Fuckheads vs The Saiyans Teleported the four into RAW arena. The four were ejected from RAW and later flew back to the beach.
Toad vs Ebisumaru Swapped the movesets between the two.
Adam Jensen vs Bowser No initial changes. However, Gameshark restarted the match after Bowser was stuck in running loop
2015-10-13 Break Man vs Dan Hibiki Changed the music to MIDI
Guile vs Ezio Auditore Swapped the hair of the two
Kanji Tatsumi vs Solid Snake

Changed Kanji's attire to his outfit in Persona 4: Dancing All Night; also changed Snake's attire to one in Snake's Revenge

Groose's Gang of Bullies vs Deadly Alliance Added Infinite Finisher modifier
Barret Wallace vs Goemon Goemon was given Barret's metal hand, and Barret's hand was swapped with normal hand.
2015-10-20 Zangief vs Chief Arino Another Zangief and Arino appeared in the ring, turning the match into Tornado Tag.
Vyse vs Air Man The screen was flipped upside down.
Miles Edgeworth vs M. Bison Movesets were swapped to Ebisumaru's and Toad's respectively.
Toejam & Earl vs Salvation Ops Swapped the entrance motion and the theme.
Waluigi w/ Wario vs Travis Touchdown w/ Dante Manager swapped sides. Gameshark caused Wario to have infinite coins, which led him to retiring.
Dracula vs Duke Nukem THE FLOOR IS NOW LAVA!
2015-10-27 Professor Layton vs Ebisumaru vs Demoman Gave eyepatches to Layton and Ebisumaru, and blindfolded Demoman.
Raijin vs Guybrush Threepwood Two Banons appeared and acted as manager for both.
Dante vs Segata Sanshiro Gender Swap; Wrath played after the match.
The Saiyans vs The Practice Audio from Casablanca played for the entire match. Black & White filter was added in the middle of the match.
Break Man vs Red Both wrestlers turned blue.
2015-11-03 The whole episode

The arena was swapped for each match, including Superstars, Over The Limit, Extreme Rules, TLC, and Survivors Series. Before the final match, Gameshark temporarily changed the entire bracket to have 8 Zangiefs.

2015-11-10 Vyse vs Dr. Wily Kept adding additional overlaid logos throughout the match.
Earl vs M. Bison Gravity was altered and both wrestlers used high flying moves.
Dan Hibiki vs Miles Edgeworth Changed the game from WWE 2K14 for the PS3 to WWF No Mercy for the N64.
Guile vs Octodad Changed the arena to the Elimination Chamber.
Phoenix Wright vs Flint Mirrored the video halfway through.
2015-11-17 Kefka vs Goemon vs Zubaz Changed the rules from normal tables to flaming tables. It took a while for the competitors to figure this out.
Nappa vs Barret Wallace Both wrestlers were given numerous scoop slams in their moveset. However, neither used much.
Waluigi vs Reyn vs Ebisumaru vs Dr. Robotnik vs Toejam vs Raijin Gave everyone a goofy hat in memory of Gabe Newell.
The Fuckheads vs. Ask Me About Boom Changed everyone's haircut to a mullet.
Terra Branford vs Bayonetta This match was supposed to air at the WVGCW show that happened on 2015-11-12. Thanks to GameShark, it happened during the men's show five days later.
Ezio Auditore vs Professor Layton Little Head Mode. Which had the added effect of making their legs and torso's bigger so that they remained the same height.
Segata Shanshiro & Octodad promo Gave Segata a second microphone that he neither needed nor wanted.
Billy Lee & The Heavy & Break Man VS. Kanji Tatsumi & Sonic & Dracula Switched up the wrestlers. Originally was supposed to be Jimmy Lee, Groose & Airman vs. Snake, Heavy & Dracula
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