The Future Four
WVGCW Stable

Future Four

Ring Announcer Name? The Four Horsemen
Leader(s) Lucca Ashtear
Joanna Dark
Square Enix
Other (Game Character)
Debut 2015-07-28
Ring Intro Music
WCW - The Four Horsemen Theme

Status Active
Impression Neutral
Biggest Enemy RPGenie
Other Enemies Lynne

"The real threat is far off...until then, the Future Four intends to whip the WVGCW into shape."

The Future Four is a Stable made up of Lucca Ashtear, Toadette, Kat & Joanna Dark. The four are all employed by the Female Division in an unknown point in the future, but due to an unspecified event in their time causing a dark timeline, they traveled back in time to 2015 A.D. to prepare WVGCW for what lies ahead.


Breakdown 06: 2015 A.D.Edit

On July 28th, 2015, the spirit of Chun-Li attempted to use the Ghost Trick ability to send her back 4 Minutes before her accidental death at the hands of Roll Caskett on May 19th, 2013 to prevent her demise, changing history and the state of the Female Division by doing so. Just before she could use it however, a car suddenly appeared at the top of the ramp containing the time hopping Lucca Ashtear, explaining that Chun-Li going ahead with her action causes severe repercussions in her time. Left with no other choice, Chun-Li left the body of Maya Fey and passed on to the afterlife. When questioned by Ema Skye, Lucca revealed that, as VGCW & WVGCW continue, more and more threats, both small and large, will present themselves to the VGCW Universe. To combat this, she brought along a team of Toadette, Kat, and Joanna Dark to prepare the Female Division for said threats.

Tag RecordEdit

Date Opponents Type Result Record Notes
2016-2-11 The Summoners Tornado Tag Team TLC Loss 1-1-0 For the WVGCW Co-Op Championship; Joanna and Toadette
2016-01-07 Wright Anything Agency Tag Team Win 1-0-0 WVGCW Co-Op Championship #1 Contenders; Lucca & Kat