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Frank West
VGCW Wrestler & EDBW Graduate

Frank West depicted using WWE 2K14
WWE 2K14 CAW created by: John Dudebro

Frank West in reality
Design from: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Nickname(s) Max Payne
Ring Announcer Name? Frank West
Commentary Name? Franco
Billed From? The United States of America
Company/Group? Capcom
Debut 2015-06-23
Ring Intro Music
Gone Guru - Lifeseeker
(Hangman's Facebuster)

Giant Swing

Psycho Driver
(Argentine Piledriver)

Overtime Cutter
(Fireman's Carry Cutter / TKO)

Status Active
Impression Face
Past Enemies Liquid Snake

 "I've made some mistakes. I don't mind that admitting that to you. I took what I thought I deserved which maybe I did and maybe I didn't. But by God, I've paid for that. I've hit rock bottom, and now it's time to get back in the game."

Frank West is a recurring protagonist in the Dead Rising series and a wrestler currently employed in EDBW.

In the Dead Rising series[]

"I've covered wars, you know."

Frank West is an intrepid photographer always looking for the next big scoop. After hearing rumors of something major going down in Willamette, Colorado, he headed there to investigate. However, he ended up trapped in a local mall in the middle of a zombie outbreak, and resolved to not only survive, but to also uncover the truth behind it's origins. Along the way he fights a maniacal grocery store manager, dresses in women's clothing, beats up zombies using potted plants, park benches, and pretty much anything he can get his hands on, and looks after himself by drinking orange juice, all while taking plenty of pictures of his escapades.

Although later Dead Rising games would feature new protagonists, Frank remained so popular that Capcom eventually released a reimagining of Dead Rising 2 subtitled Off the Record that features Frank as the protagonist. He's also appeared to represent Dead Rising in Tatsunoko vs. CapcomUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Project X Zone.


Season 4: Back in the Game[]

Looking for his next big scoop, Frank West made his debut in EDBW in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match against Shovel Knight on June 23rd, 2015. With his prior wrestling experience, Frank was more than capable of taking down Shovel Knight. He managed to survive a brutal Burial (most likely due to some hidden orange juice in his pocket) and hit an Overtime Cutter to seal a Fantastic debut win.

His next match would be a much larger undertaking, as he would have to attempt to defeat one of the toughest wrestlers in the company, Strong Bad. In a brutal contest, Frank would strike first with the Overtime Cutter, but Strong Bad's tenacity proved to be greater, and Frank was defeated.

Non-Royal Rumble Record[]

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2016-05-27 Liquid Snake 30-Minute Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Iron Man Win 3-2-0 3-2-0 (60%) Won 7-6
2016-04-08 Liquid Snake Singles Loss 2-2-0 2-2-0 (50%)
2016-03-04 Liquid Snake First Blood Win 2-1-0 2-1-0 (66%)
2015-08-07 Strong Bad Singles Loss 1-1-0 1-1-0 (50%)
2015-06-23 Shovel Knight Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Win 1-0-0 1-0-0 (100%) Debut