Dragon Ball GG
WVGCW Co-Op Team

Dragon Ball GG

Ring Announcer Name? The Power Trip
Wrestlers Videl
& Jinx
Company/Group? Anime Character
Other (Game Character)
Debut 2017-02-11

Status Active
Impression Face

WVGCW Co-Op Champions
2017-02-03 - Present


Dragon Ball GG is a WVGCW tag team comprised of Videl and Jinx. They are the current WVGCW Co-Op Champions, having won the titles at Splat Wres 2.


 Dragon Ball GG first appeared at Splat Wres when Jinx and Videl were settling some beef they had with Rinoa and Jessie. The match was back and forth but it ended when Videl landed a Megatron Punch onto Rinoa. After the match was over, Jinx would turn Heel and betray Videl which would break up the team for a temporary amount of time. The 2 would settle their argument at Breakdown 777 when Videl used the Dragonballs, and still lost to Jinx.

After the loss, Videl requested Jinx to help her get stronger. This is where the infamous "SURPRISE TRAINING!" comes into play. After tons of surprise training, the two of them were put into the Co-op #1 Contenders Tournament.

Their 1st round match was against Cate and Jade in a HIAC match. The match was back and forth, even a rolling pin contest happened, but in the end a Megaton Punch to Jade gave Dragon Ball GG the win. Round 2 would prove no easy challenge as new heels Tina Armstrong and Lynne were the next challenge in a Steel Cage match. Jinx and Tina would be the first for each team out of the cage while Lynne and Videl were still fighting. Both of them trading Finishers and Signatures, but nobody could escape. Then in the end, Videl delievered a V2 to Lynne and escaped the cage, securing a spot for Contendership.

The Contendership match was against Bravely Second, who were upcoming fan favorites, in a ladder match. The match appeared to be going nowhere fast. Ladders would be set up and knocked over. Finishers would be traded but nobody had enough time to grab the breifcase. Then out of nowhere, Jinx climbs the ladder and gets the breifcase securing a spot against The Summoners at Splat Wres 2. It appeared that the surprise training had paid off.

Upcoming to Splat Wres 2, Rydia and Videl fought over what the match type would be. Videl lost and Rydia choose Elimination. At Splat Wres 2, the stage was set. Before the match, The Summoned attacked Videl and Jinx during an interview. The attack would not be able to hold back the determination the 2 had to take down The Summoners. The match wasn't looking too well for DB GG. They appeared out of it. Then suddenly, both Jinx and Videl both got a comeback, and used it at the same time on Sheena. The comebacks really brought them back into the match. A Megaton Punch to Sheena would allow Videl to pin her and eliminate her. After another comeback done to Rydia, Jinx would pin Rydia, and Dragon Ball GG would become Co-op Champions.

Tag Team RecordEdit

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2017-02-03 The Summoners Win 5-0-0 Co-op Championship Match
2016-10-14 Bravely Second Win 4-0-0 Co-op Contendership Match
2016-10-14 Dead or Alive (Tina Armstrong and Lynne) Win 3-0-0 Co-op Contendership Round 2
2016-10-14 Cate & Jade Win 2-0-0 Co-op Contendership Tourney Round 1
2016-02-11 Team Rocket Win 1-0-0 Debut; Jinx betrayed Videl afterwards