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Devil's Advocate
WVGCW Co-Op Team

Devil's Advocate was a tag team consisting of Morrigan and She-Hulk.

In Marvel vs Capcom 3[]

While having no direct history as a team, She-Hulk and Morrigan were both members of the original Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster. Being a 3v3 team game, the option for both characters to appear on the same team is available.

In the VGCW: Female Division[]

After battling superheroessupervillains, a lawyer, and teleporting white boys, the duo debuted on August 1 to battle other newly formed tag team, the Chozo Raiders. The match would begin with the more veteran Morrigan facing off against Samus, taking early control of the match with reversal facebusters and forcing a tag. With Lara Croft in, Morrigan knew it was their chance to hurt the weaker of the tag team and tagged in newcome She-Hulk to hopefully overpower the tomb raider. She-Hulk was able to build heavy momentum that the Chozo Raiders simply never recovered from. Morrigan was able to sustain the offensive, landing a shell kick and dominating either Lara or Samus in the ring. After being planted through a table and being used to give She-Hulk a workout, The Chozo Raiders would mount a small attempt at a comeback but the speed and power of She-Hulk along with the DHC synergy between the Devil's Advocate members would prove too much.

Tag Team Record[]

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2014-05-22 Saints Roll Loss 2-3-0 Tag Team Steel Cage; She-Hulk escaped first, followed by Roll and Shaundi
2014-03-14 Wright Anything Agency Win 2-2-0
2014-01-17 18 Volts Loss 1-2-0
2013-08-22 Still Alive Loss 1-1-0
2013-08-01 Chozo Raiders Win 1-0-0 Debut