Deadly Alliance
VGCW Co-Op Team


Ring Announcer Name? The Alliance
Wrestlers Scorpion
& Johnny Cage
Company/Group? Other (Game Character
Debut 2015-10-13

Status Active
Impression Neutral

The Deadly Alliance is a tag-team consisting of Scorpion and Johnny Cage, both are playable fighters from the Mortal Kombat series.They debuted in the later half of Season 11, following the dissolution of Cage's former tag team, Shadow Blitz.

In VGCW Edit

Season 11 Edit

Deadly Alliance originally formed by a happy accident, in a tag team match (playa) for the go-home show before the Infinite Summer PPV against Sabin and Knuckles, who Johnny and Scoprion would be facing at the PPV respectively in singles matches. Somehow, though, the two managed to find good chemistry in what was originally a throwaway match, so they decided to keep the team and make their official debut fighting Groose & His Gang of Bullies which they won, though a little interference from a certain cheat device kept it from really being a normal match.

For going 2-0 since their debut the Alliance was granted a VGCW Co-Op Championship #1 Contendership match against Salvation Ops. The Ops were also a new team who won their first two matches together. The Alliance was learned the hard way that you can't kill progess when Snake pinned Johnny Cage. While not the end they had hoped for, their debut season was still a strong one.

Tag Record Edit

Date Opponents Result Record Notes
2015-11-10 Salvation Ops Loss 2-1-0 For VGCW Co-Op #1 Contendership
2015-10-13 Groose and his Gang of Bullys Win 2-0-0 Debut as "Deadly Alliance;"

Finishers only.

2015-09-01 Sabin & Knuckles Win 1-0-0