Cho Aniki
EDBW Co-Op Team

Cho aniki vgcw

Ring Announcer Name? The Brothers of Destruction
Wrestlers Adon
& Samson
Company/Group? Other (Game Character)
Debut 2014-07-11
Ring Intro Music
Cho Aniki - Sexy Dynamite

Status Active
Impression Neutral


Cho Aniki is a tag team formed by Adon and Samson. The name of the team comes from the Japanese side-scrolling shoot-em-up series they originate from, Cho Aniki.


Tag RecordEdit

Date Opponents Type Result Record Notes
2015-08-28 The Monstars Tag Team Loss 2-5-0
2015-05-01 Sam & Max: Freelance Police Tag Team Loss 2-4-0 Cho Aniki were voted into this match by the fans
2015-02-13 Saints of Rage Tag Team Loss 2-3-0
2014-11-06 Team Bean Machine Tag Team Win 2-2-0
2014-08-29 Skullo-Mikazuchi Tag Team TLC Win 1-2-0
2014-07-25 ToeJam & Earl Tornado Tag Team Loss 0-2-0
2014-07-11 Here's Froggy! Tag Team Loss 0-1-0 Debut