Because if no one will stand up for our interests, then we'll stand up for ourselves.

Cerberus is a trio in EDBW that consists of Commander Shepard, Morrigan, and Ellie. They are loosely associated with, but not necessarily all members of, the greater galactic organization of the same name.

EDBW Co-Op Team & Stable


Ring Announcer Name? The Corre
Wrestlers Commander Shepard
& Morrigan
& Ellie
Company/Group? Other (Game Character)
Debut 2016-08-19
Ring Intro Music
Mass Effect 2 - Suicide Mission

Status Active
Impression Heel
Past Enemies Jeanne,


Season 5: Suicide Mission Edit

What would eventually become Cerberus began as an alliance between Commander Shepard and Morrigan. Both feeling wronged and persecuted by EDBW management and fans, their alliance was first unveiled when Commander Shepard helped Morrigan, who had just lost the EDBW Women's Championship, assault the new champion Jeanne and steal the title belt. They used the title belt as leverage to secure a championship rematch for Morrigan, which occured as a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match against Jeanne and Cynthia with Teddie as the special referee, which Morrigan lost.

Though the title was now out of their reach, their issues with Cynthia remained, and she recruited Aqua to challenge the two to a match at Killscreen V. This plan was thrown off at the sudden introduction of Ellie, who, feeling wronged in the same way as Shepard and Morrigan, helped the two turn the tide against their opponents and requested to join the team. The newly formed trio went on to be victorious in their first match together at Killscreen V, winning an Elimination Tag match against the team of Cynthia, Aqua, and Clementine in a clean sweep.

It was later that night that it was revealed that Commander Shepard was working alongside the REAL Cerberus and its leader, The Illusive Man - although her new partners didn't know a thing about it.

Season 6: Wres Effect Edit

After a singles victory for Shepard and entry into the Random Tag Tournament for Morrigan and Ellie, Cerberus had their second match as a trio in the EDBW Trios Championship tournament. Given a by to the second round, they faced off against Magic Troupe - but in a shocking upset, Trucy Wright pinned Morrigan and knocked Cerberus out of title contention.

Ellie would later blame Shepard for the loss, accusing her of being too distracted with her own business and not focusing on their competition together.

EDBW Tag Team Record Edit

Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
2016-11-15 Magic Troupe Loss 1-1-0
2016-08-19 Cynthia, Aqua, & Clementine Win 1-0-0 Trio debut
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