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This is a list of the current and all past WVGCW Co-Op Champion Teams.

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The WVGCW Co-Op Championship (as in Cooperative) is the fifth belt spanning all VGCW shows (second in WVGCW itself). It is the female equivalent of the male divisions VGCW Co-Op Championship.

The title was first mentioned during the opening episode of Season 2 when former General Manager Carmen Sandiego announced a multiple show mini-tournament where the winners would be granted a #1 Gurl Co-Op Contender spot against Saints Roll, the winning team of the first tag team match in the division.

WVGCW Co-Op Champion Title History[]

# Champion Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 Cobra Twonit (The Boss & Meryl Silverburgh) 2013-10-04 0 61
  • Earned Title Shot by winning the #1 Gurl Co-Op Contendership Tournament and defeated Saints Roll for the titles at the first Breakdown; The First Gurl Co-Op Champions.
2 Still Alive (Chell & Faith Connors) 2013-12-05 3 393
  • Claimed the #1 Contenders position at the First Breakdown by defeating Camstrings in a Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match, going on to win the titles in a Tornado Tag Team Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match. They would go on to defend the title three times over the course of 393 Days, the longest reign of any title in VGCW History.
  • Defended the titles against The Last Sheikah in a Tornado Tag Team Match, Saints Roll at Breakdown IV: Executive Action in a Tornado Tag Team TLC Match, and RPGenie (Lucina & Shantae) in a Tornado Tag Team Tables Match.
3 RPGenie (Lucina, Shantae, & Terra Branford) 2015-01-02 4 330
  • Originally won a #1 Co-Op Contendership Tournament for a Title Match later that night, but interference caused them to lose the match. They were later granted a Rematch, becoming only the Third Gurl Co-Op Champions in WVGCW History. RPGenie also introduced the "Three Bird Rule" to allow any of the 3 members of RPGenie to defend the titles.
  • Defended against Steak Machina, 18 Volts at the Money in the Bank PPV (both Lucina & Terra), Jet Set Radio at Breakdown 06 (Terra & Shantae), and Bronze Fist at Chamber of Elimination (Lucina & Shantae)
4 The Summoners (Sheena & Rydia) 2015-11-27 4 434
  • Rydia cashed Ms. Money in the Bank at Chamber of Elimination. Won the title in 2v1 handicap match against Lucina.
  • Defended against The Future Four (Joanna Dark and Toadette wrestled) in a Tornado Tag TLC match at Splat Wres.
  • Longest Reigning WVGCW Co-Op Champions
5 Dragon Ball GG (Videl & Jinx) 2017-02-03 0 1+
  • Won at WVGCW Splat Wres 2 in a Elimination Tag Team Match.


Cobra Twonit[]

Composed of returning former Gurl Gamer Champion The Boss and newcomer Meryl Silverburgh, the Cobra Twonit defeated Maternal Kombat, 18 Volts, and Still Alive to earn the right to contest Saints Roll for the Gurl Co-Op Championship at Breakdown. They successfully defeated them to become the first Gurl Co-op Champions in WVGCW history.

Still Alive[]

Originally losing in the final of the Gurl Co-Op Tournament, Still Alive, made up by Chell and Faith Connors, were given another opportunity to become the #1 Contenders at Breakdown, where they defeated Camstrings to set up a rematch with the Cobra Twonit. They managed to get their revenge and defeat them, becoming the Gurl Co-Op Champions.

Their first defense came against The Last Sheikah in a Tornado Tag-Team Match, defeating them rather handily. Then they were put up against Saints Roll in a Tornado Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) Match. In a brutal contest, Still Alive climbed the ladder to hang on to their titles once again. After this, a #1 Contenders Tournament was declared to determine their next challengers, ultimately being won by RPGenie, challenging them to a Tornado Tag-Team Tables Match. It was a much closer contest compared to their previous defenses...until Shantae found herself a victim of a large dose of Witch Time, ultimately allowing Still Alive to retain in what would ultimately be their final defense.


Consisting of Lucina, Shantae, and eventually Terra Branford, RPGenie's goal was not to win the Gurl Co-Op Championship, but to stop the New Witch Order. After falling short the first time however, they decided to grind some levels by entering the #1 Gurl Co-Op Contenders Tournament...and ended up going all the way, defeating 18 Volts, Team Rockette, Wright Anything Agency, and ultimately, the New Witch Order in a 6-Woman Tag-Team Match to earn a shot at the gold against Still Alive in a Tornado Tag-Team Tables Match. They held their own, but Shantae was caught by Bayonetta's Witch Time as a final act of revenge, costing them the match. When it was made public knowledge that Still Alive won because of outside interference, they granted them a fair rematch inside the demonic structure of Hell in a Cell, with no chance of interference. In one of the closest Tag-Team Matches in history, RPGenie caused the upset, ending Still Alive's historic reign and becoming the new Gurl Co-Op Champions.

Upon the show's return, RPGenie would announced that they will be allowed to use the "Free Bird Rule" which allows them to use any two of their three members for title defenses. The rule was seen in their first defense against Steak Machina, which had Lucina enter the ring alongside Terra instead of Shantae. Their second match as champions would be against 18 Volts. Again Lucina and Terra would be on point, as Shantae was already booked that night. Their third defense would be against Jet Set Radio at Breakdown 06. Lucina was the one in another match that night so it would be the first time RPGenie appeared without her in a match. RPGenie's final defense was against Bronze Fist at the Chamber of Elimination event, with Lucina and Shantae entering the ring together for the first time since they won the belts.

The Summoners[]

With RPGenie looking unstoppable Rydia and Sheena Fujibayashi had to use treachery to win the belt. After Rydia won the Money in the Bank contract the two pretended to split up. Sheena then joined RPGenie, gaining their trust. At the Chamber of Elimination Rydia and Sheena knocked out Terra with a glass bottle, and then blindsided Shantae following RPGenie's match with Bronze Fist. This allowed them to win the title in a 2v1 handicap match against Lucina.

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