This is a list of the current and all past VGCW Champions.
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  • Current VGCW Championship Design
  • Previous VGCW Championship Design
  • Old VGCW Championship Design; Modified "Winged Eagle" WWF Belt.
  • Original "Green and Purple" HIAS Design; Modified Zack Ryder Belt.

The VGCW Championship (Formerly known as Hardcore Internet All-Star Championship) is the first and main belt of VGCW, introduced as the prize even before proper archiving was in place.

It is considered the most prestigious award for the male side of the league. The VGCW Champion typically defends the belt against a single challenger, the #1 contender, at a time, although sometimes wrestlers have competed for the belt in multi-man matches. Wrestlers who aspire to be champion must first become #1 contender through a variety of means, usually through matches that involve a large number of other potential challengers, such as Royal Rumbles, Elimination Chambers, six-man elimination matches or King of the Ring Tournaments. Alternatively, wrestlers may compete in Money in the Bank matches for a chance to become Mr. Money in the Bank, allowing them to demand a championship match at any time they choose.

The VGCW Championship has been held by a large number of wrestlers, but few have held it for long. Most past champions failed to retain the belt a single time and some even lost it on the same night that they became champion.

VGCW Championship Title HistoryEdit

# Champion Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 (?) Gabe Newell Pre-Archive Unknown Unknown
  • Pre-Archive Era Champion
2 The Pyro Pre-Archive Unknown Unknown
  • Pre-Archive Era Champion
3 The Hulk 2012-11-18 0 <1
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory on November 18, 2012.
4 Mr. Satan 2012-11-18 0 1
5 Dr. Eggman 2012-11-19 1 1
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory, and defeated Mr. Satan for the title that 
  • Defended the title against JonTron and Ezio Auditore da Firenze in a Triple Threat Match the same evening (first-fall match).
6 Ganondorf 2012-11-20 0 <1
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory, and defeated Dr. Eggman the same evening.
7 AVGN 2012-11-20 0 1
  • Earned title shot via King of the Ring victory, and defeated Ganondorf and Sonic the Hedgehog in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match the same evening (pinned Sonic).
8 Ganondorf (2) 2012-11-21 4 14
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble win. This victory began the period known as The "Thousand Years of Darkness".
  • Defended the title against Scorpion in a Hell in a Cell Match, Little Mac in a Last Man Standing Match, Bowser in an Inferno Match, and Ezio Auditore da Firenze in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match.
9 Bowser 2012-12-05 0 4
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory. Won the title in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match (32-5) via the now banned Glitch Bomb technique.
10 Adam Jensen 2012-12-09 0 3
  • Earned title shot via King of the Ring victory. Defeated Bowser and Link in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match (Jensen pinned Bowser).
11 Kratos 2012-12-12 0 6 minutes, 40 seconds
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory, winning the title in an Extreme Rules Match. Currently the record holder for shortest title reign.
12 Little Mac 2012-12-12 0 2
  • Cashed in the Money in the Bank earned from the Soviet Screwjob to become the new VGCW Champion.
13 Proto Man 2012-12-14 0 5
  • Earned title shot by winning a King of the Ring and defeating Duke Nukem in #1 Contenders Match. Used the Glitch Bomb to win the championship.
14 Donkey Kong 2012-12-19 0 4
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory. Used the Glitch Bomb to win the championship.
15 Solid Snake 2012-12-23 0 9
  • Earned title shot via Six-Man Battle Royale victory on December 19th.
16 Raphael 2013-01-01 3 31
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory, winning the belt on January 1st, 2013. Began a period dubbed as the "Thousand Years of Pizza".
  • Defended the title against Dr. Eggman twice in a row, and Dan Hibiki
17 Ganondorf (3) 2013-02-01 0 17
  • Earned title shot via Elimination Chamber match on January 22nd.
18 Charles Barkley 2013-02-18 1 10
  • Earned title shot via Royal Rumble victory
  • Defended the title against Nappa after he cashed-in his Money in the Bank Contract.
19 Donkey Kong (2) 2013-02-28 0 7
  • Earned title shot via Six-Man Hell in a Cell Match for the #1 Contenders Match victory on February 22nd. Won the title via the use of the Glitch Bomb.
- Vacant 2013-03-07 - -
  • DK was stripped of the title due to the discovery of the Glitch Bomb
20 Charles Barkley (2) 2013-04-02 0 15
  • Was granted a title shot along as a result of losing the title via the Glitch Bomb. Defeated Gabe Newell, Dr. Wily and Ganondorf in a Fatal 4-Way for the vacant VGCW title.
21 Majin Vegeta 2013-04-17 2 28
- Vacant 2013-05-08 - -
  • Title was vacated again after Vegeta's death, but reign was reinstated with Vegeta's revival.
22 Charles Barkley (3) 2013-05-11 0 12
  • Earned title by winning King of the Ring tournament for the vacant VGCW Championship by defeating Barret Wallace, Flint, The Pyro and Groose, secoming the second three-time VGCW Champion, and the only wrestler to be both VGCW Champion & Mr. Money in the Bank at the same time.
23 Groose 2013-05-23 0 10
  • Earned title shot by winning a six-man elimination match.
24 Mike Haggar 2013-06-02 0 48
  • Earned title shot by winning a six-man battle royal. Won the title at End Game 4.
25 Little Mac (2) 2013-07-20 1 108
  • Earned title shot by winning a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere #1 Contenders Match against Chief Arino and Kefka Palazzo. Dubbed as "The Youngblood Era" by Michael Cole and fans.
  • Defended the title against Adam Jensen on September 7th.
26 Mike Haggar (2) 2013-11-05 2 35
  • Earned title shot by winning a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match against Groose, Mr. Satan and Sagat. Won the title at End Game 5.
  • Defended the title immediately against Charles Barkley after he cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract, and Vegeta to become the undisputed VGCW Champion.
27 Gabe Newell (2) 2013-12-10 1 77
  • Earned title shot by Royal Rumble victory. Was both Champion and GM at the same time.
  • Defended the title against the Angry Video Game Nerd at End Game 6.
28 Proto Man (2) 2014-02-25 1 77
  • Won the title in the Elimination Chamber match involving Phoenix Wright, Duke Nukem, Bowser, Gabe Newell, and AVGN. Did not use Glitch Bomb.
  • Defended the title against Dr. Wily on April 8th.
29 Scorpion 2014-05-13 12 351
  • Earned title shot in a Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match against Phoenix Wright and Solid Snake. Won the title at End Game 7. Current Record Holder for longest title reign and most successful title defenses in a row.
  • Defended the title against Dracula in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match (10-10) and Sonic in a subsequent cash-in, Ness at Chamber of Elimination (II), Kefka Palazzo, Guile at End Game 8, Duke Nukem at the Money in the Bank PPV, Red at End Game 9, Donkey Kong, and Dante, Barret Wallace, Gary Oak and Solid Snake at the Challenge Tower PPV.
30 Nappa 2015-04-28 0 22
  • Cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract won on December 16th, 2014 at the Challenge Tower PPV.
31 Guile 2015-05-19 0 22
  • Earned title shot via stipulation (Eliminating Entrant #20) in the Royal Rumble. Defeated Nappa and Ebisumaru in a Triple Threat to become the new VGCW Champion (Guile pinned Nappa in this first-fall match).
32 Sabin Rene Figaro 2015-06-09 2 141
  • Awarded title shot along with Dan Hibiki by GM Gary Oak. Defeated Guile and Dan in a Triple Threat Tables Match at End Game X to become the new VGCW Champion (put Dan through a table).
  • Defended against the then-undefeated Kanji Tatsumi, and Johnny Cage at the Infinite Summer PPV.
33 Dracula 2015-10-27 2 281
  • Earned title shot by winning a 40-Man Royal Rumble at the Infinite Summer PPV. He would go on to defeat Sabin to become the new VGCW Champion.
  • Defended against Air Man in the Main Event of End Game X1Barret Wallace in a Title vs. Career Match at Blood Money in a no contest after M. Bison cut the feed, and again against Barret with the same stipulation at Mega Evolution in a 20-Minute Hell in a Cell Iron Man Match.
34 Phoenix Wright 2016-08-02 0 115
  • Earned title shot by winning the 30-Man Prime Cup Rumble at the Mega Evolution PPV. Despite the overwhelming odds, he defeated Dracula in the Main Event of End Game X2 to become the new VGCW Champion.
  • Avoided being cashed-in on at End Game X2... due to fleeing. From a swiftly, immediately teleporting Ganondorf. Yeah, that happened.
35 Vegeta (2) 2016-11-25 0 0
  • This time Vegeta wasn't using, to quote Nappa, "voodoo and shit to get a power boost!" Vegeta also became the #1 Contender for a reason this time, defeating P.R.A.T.S. leader Dan Hibiki in a surprisingly short 5:32.
  • Was cashed-in on by Ganondorf immediately after winning the title. Ganondorf had implemented a contract preventing anyone from fleeing the cash in.
36 Ganondorf (4) 2016-11-25 4 (maybe 5) 165 (end of the series) or current (it continues in kayfabe)
  • Won By Cashing in His Briefcase On Vegeta immediately after He won the title.
  • Defended against Adam Jensen, Zangief, Dr. Wily, and Zubaz. Possibly Bowser too, though the post-show "End Game X4" might not be canon in that regard or for the championships.
  • Was the final champion of the series, and is perhaps also the champion to this day since the show is still going on in kayfabe.


Gabe NewellEdit

Gaben was a champion during the Pre-Archive era. Not much is known about his reign but he defended the title against DK on November 19th.

It is possible that Gabe was the first VGCW champion, losing his title to Pyro in a dark match.

The PyroEdit

Pyro, like Gabe, was a champion during the Pre-Archive era. Nothing is known about his reign but it is presumed that he beat his father Gaben and then was defeated by The Hulk.

The HulkEdit

The Hulk won The Royal Rumble on November 18th and took on Pyro for the title and won. His reign was short lived, as he was beaten by another Royal Rumble winner that same night, Mr. Satan.

Mr. SatanEdit

Mr. Satan is the last of the four known Pre-Archive era champions. He won the championship from The Hulk.

Dr. EggmanEdit

Dr. Eggman was the first wrestler to become champion during an archived stream. On November 19th he won a Royal Rumble and then beat Mr. Satan in a singles match.

During this reign, Robotnik was one of the few early champions to actually defend his title successfully, defeating both JonTron (Royal Rumble winner) and Ezio (King of the Ring winner) in a Triple Threat match on November 19th.


On the November 20th stream, Ganondorf won a Royal Rumble and then beat Dr. Eggman to win the title for the first time.

However, his first reign would be very short...

Angry Video Game NerdEdit on the same stream, AVGN, who had become #1 contender by winning a King of the Ring tournament, won the the title from Ganondorf, although not by defeating him directly. Instead the Nerd pinned Sonic, who had also qualified for the match by winning a Royal Rumble, in a Triple Threat match while Ganon was caught in a long move animation.

Ganondorf (2)Edit

Ganon wasn't happy with how things turned out and, on the next stream, he regained the title by defeating the Nerd in a singles match. This time, Ganon's reign was long and violent, as he defended the title four consecutive times, a VGCW Championship record, during a period that would later be dubbed the "Thousand Years of Darkness".

Ganon first defended the title by beating Scorpion (KotR winner) on November 21st in a Hell in a Cell Match. Then, on November 22nd, the Gerudo King would beat infamous heel Little Mac (RR winner) in a Last Man Standing Match. Later, on November 25th, Ganondorf burned Bowser (RR winner) in an Inferno Match. Ezio, on November 27th, was his fourth and ultimately final victim.

Ganon would even win a non-title match against Adam Jensen on the November 28th stream, and seemed to be undefeatable.


On December 5th, an Iron Man Inferno match between Bowser and Ganondorf was held. Many believed Ganondorf would continue to defeat all comers until Link rose to overthrow him, but instead Bowser won, humiliating Ganondorf by pinning him 32 times. It would later be revealed that Bowser's amazing score was bolstered by his repeated use of the Glitch Bomb throughout the match, but more importantly, Ganondorf's defeat unleashed a terrible curse upon the belt, which would plague many future champions.

Adam JensenEdit

In his first title defense, on December 9th, Bowser competed in a Triple Threat match against Adam Jensen, who had won a King of the Ring tournament, and Link, who had been voted into the match. Ironically it was Ganondorf's nemesis who would grant him his revenge on Bowser, as Link knocked the Koopa King out with a devastating kick. However, Jensen had the awareness to swoop in for the pin, becoming the new VGCW Champion.


Jensen would also fall to the curse on December 12, when he was defeated by the unpopular Kratos, the Royal Rumble winner, in his first title defense.

Little MacEdit

Kratos' reign quickly proved to be even shorter than Jensen's, as Little Mac cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and won the title, making Kratos the shortest reigning champion in VGCW history with a reign of less than seven minutes.

Proto ManEdit

The hated Little Mac also held the championship for a short time, as he lost the title to Proto Man in his first defense on the December 14th stream. Proto Man used two Glitch Bombs in the match, bringing its legitimacy into question.

Donkey KongEdit

The curse would continue to claim victims on the December 19th stream. Donkey Kong, the Royal Rumble winner, beat Proto Man to win his first VGCW title, similarly using the Glitch Bomb to achieve victory and prompting his special victory music to play.

Solid SnakeEdit

The world didn't end on the 21st of December and the curse didn't either, as on the Christmas special it claimed another victim. Snake, one of the hardest working wrestlers of the federation, beat DK and was crowned champion on the final episode of 2012 and Season 1.


On 2013 a new season began and the Gerudo Curse appeared to claim its final victim. Raphael, a relative newcomer, defeated Snake on the January 1st stream to become the new champion.

Raphael soon became one of the more successful champions in VGCW history, compiling multiple successful defenses over the course of a month. His 31-day-long VGCW Championship reign (dubbed the Thousand Years of Pizza) was, at that time, the longest in the history of the title. Raphael successfully defended the championship against Dr. Eggman on two separate occassions on January 6 and January 16. On January 17, Raphael defended his title a third time by defeating newly heel-turned Dan Hibiki.

Ganondorf (3)Edit

The two-time VGCW Champion finally gained a chance to recover his lost championship when he became #1 contender after winning an Elimination Chamber match on January 22, 2013, last eliminating Dr. Eggman.

On 2013-02-01, Ganondorf became the first three-time champion in VGCW history by pinning Raphael. Many expected another Thousand Years of Darkness, and were thus shocked at how quickly Ganon was dethroned.

Charles BarkleyEdit

Near the end of Season 2, while Ganondorf was still regaining his power and attempting to regain the championship, Charles Barkley won a Royal Rumble on January 22, 2013. Bazza had declared prior to the match's conclusion that the Rumble winner would be second in line to the championship, as Ganondorf deserved a one-on-one match for the title, and so Barkley waited. After several shows and nearly a month of preparation, a new and improved Barkley emerged to challenge Ganon on February 18, 2013. Barkley shocked the world by completely dominating Ganondorf during the latter half of the match, and while the reigning champion was resilient, Barkley eventually wore him down with repeated use of his new Chaos Bomb finisher to end the Dark Lord's third reign as VGCW Champion before it could even begin.

On February 28, 2013, the newly-crowned Barkley had one of the most challenging nights any wrestler had experienced in VGCW's history. First, he battled and beat Vegeta in a tough first-round match in The Great Tournament. Just after this, a tired and injured Charles was challenged by Money in the Bank holder Nappa. Many expected an easy win for the Saiyan, but Sir Charles surprised everyone by defeating him, marking the first time a Money in the Bank challenger had failed to win the championship.

Donkey Kong (2)Edit

After fighting in a full two previous matches on the same night, Barkley returned to the ring at the end of the February 28 show for his scheduled match with former champion Donkey Kong. This time, Barkley was easily beaten, and Donkey Kong became the second wrestler to hold the VGCW title more than once. Just as before, Donkey Kong's title victory was owed to his use of the Glitch Bomb, although this time, he would quickly be exposed.


Before DK could make a single appearance as champion, the Glitch Bomb was discovered and he was suspended for his use of the move, which was declared illegal. Additionally, Donkey Kong was forced to vacate the title, which remained unheld for several weeks.

Charles Barkley (2)Edit

After losing his title to the Glitch Bomb, Charles Barkley was given another chance at the VGCW Championship along with Gabe, Ganon, and Dr. Wily in the Season 3 finale. As the most recent of the former champions competing in the match, Barkley was granted the honor of carrying the newly-designed VGCW Championship to the ring. During the match, Ganon and Gabe fought outside the ring, and became so occupied with each other that they failed to notice that Barkley had gained the upper hand over Wily in the ring. Barkley pinned the scientist to win the VGCW Championship for the second time.

SSJ Majin VegetaEdit

Although he was given a shot at the Casual Championship in the Season 3 finale, Majin Vegeta and Dan Hibiki's respective grudges against Charles Barkley and Casual Champion Red (formerly Ash Ketchum) led them to switch their title shots with new GM Dracula's permission. While Barkley wasn't totally helpless, the powered-up Vegeta gradually overwhelmed Barkley and claimed the title, tipping the scales between the feuding wrestlers in his favor and ridding himself of his Jobber status once and for all.

Vegeta would then go on to successfully defend his title against Groose and Dr. Wily in his following matches.


On the May 8, 2013 broadcast, shortly after successfully defending his title against Wily, Vegeta turned against Dracula and fought against him. When it became clear that he stood no chance against the vampire, Vegeta focused his energy into himself to turn his body into a bomb, sacrificing himself in an effort to slay Dracula. With the champion now dead, it was decided that the title be vacated.

Charles Barkley (3)Edit

A King of the Ring tournament was held on May 11th to determine the new champion. The two finalists of the tournament were Charles Barkley, who had defeated Barret WallaceFlint, and The Pyro, and Groose, who had gone through Dr. Wily, Mike Haggar, and Segata Sanshiro. The master of the slams and jams dominated the entire match against Groose, even busting him open. After a final massive shot to the head, Barkley was able to claim the VGCW title for a third time.


Groose had fallen twice before in title matches but earned himself a third shot when he won a six-man elimination match on May 15th. His rematch against a Charles Barkley fresh off his leg surgery on May 23rd was much more even until the end when a flurry of big moves allowed the Groosenator to capture his first title in VGCW.

Mike HaggarEdit

The Mayor had been close to getting himself a title match in the past but finally managed to get his shot when he won a six-man Battle Royal on May 29th. On June 2nd, Haggar would avenge his own VGCW Title tourney loss to Groose and gain his first taste of VGCW gold.

Little Mac (2)Edit

After a dominating performance at End Game 4 against Dracula, Little Mac had earned the right to compete in a #1 Contender triple threat match in the Season 5 opener. Mac ko'd Kefka and set his sights on Mike Haggar, who had not competed since winning the title back in June. Showing the heart of a champion, Mac weathered the storm of mayoral mindgames to secure his second VGCW Championship on July 20th.

He was able to successfully defend his title against the Adam Jensen on September 7th, becoming only the sixth VGCW Champion to successfully defend their title.

Mike Haggar (2)Edit

After losing the title, Haggar wasted little time in climbing the rankings once again. When he won a fatal four way elimination match on October 22nd over Groose, Mr. Satan, and Sagat, the stage was set for a rematch with Little Mac at End Game 5. This time around, the mayor made sure the Star Punch wouldn't come into play as he earned himself a second term as VGCW Champion.

He quickly made his first defense just moments later as Charles Barkley cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at long last. Haggar dominated the former three-time VGCW champ to leave Season 5 with the gold. With Vegeta's revival, Haggar was recognized as a disputed champion alongside the Badman. He defeated Vegeta on November 26th to become the undisputed VGCW Champion, becoming only the fourth wrestler in VGCW History to defend the VGCW Championship at least twice.

Gabe Newell (2)Edit

The GM of VGCW wound up entering #40 and winning his second Royal Rumble on November 26th. Whether his lucky draw was by hook or crook, many didn't know. Still, Gabe would have to win a fair fight against Mike Haggar if he was to win the VGCW Championship for a second time on December 10th. In the end, Gabe managed to do just that by making the mayor tap to his patented Wallet Squeeze, winning the VGCW Championship for the second time.

Gabe's first title defense in the broadcast era would come at Endgame 6 against the Angry Video Game Nerd. This he overcame with flying colors, bringing down the Nerd with his patented Wallet Squeeze.

Proto Man (2)Edit

Fresh off his victory against Air Man the previous week, the Glitchman surprised everyone by showing up as one of the competitors in the Elimination Chamber preliminary matches on February 18th. He further surprised everyone by defeating the Nerd in the preliminary match, proving he could still hang with the top tier even in a post-Glitch Bomb era. The next week, he would face off against the Nerd, Phoenix Wright, Duke Nukem, Bowser, and current champion Gabe Newell in the championship match. After pinning Phoenix and Duke, Proto Man would also put down Gabe with the Proto Driver to earn his first clean championship win.

After going 1-1 in non-title matches, Proto Man would have his first successful defense on April 8th against Dr. Wily. His next bout would be at End Game 7...


The King of the Midkard had only participated in one VGCW Championship match in his entire career back in 2012, but a win over Illidan Stormrage on March 25th gave him a chance to earn another. It would be one he cashed in on as he outlasted both Solid Snake & Phoenix Wright on April 29th. At End Game 7, Scorpion showed everyone that he would no longer choke in the clutch as he pinned Proto Man to finally rise to the top of VGCW at long last.

Scorpion's first challenger for the title was Dracula, the man who ended Phoenix Wright's undefeated streak. Their match took place on June 17th and was a 30-Minute Iron Man Match in a ring surrounded by flames. Both wrestlers took the lead multiple times throughout the battle until Dracula pulled ahead near the end. Despite being behind by two falls in the last thirty seconds, Scorpion made an incredible comeback and ended the match in a draw at 10-10, keeping the championship in his grasp.

Not long after the match ended, Sonic the Hedgehog's theme began to play. Sonic, with the Money in the Bank briefcase, stormed down to the ring and handed the contract to the referee. After giving everything he had against Dracula, Scorpion now had to defend his title once more. Sonic fought as hard as he could, but was pinned after receiving a Hellkick from the champion. The King of VGCW continued his reign.

Since his dominant performance, Scorpion had taken down six other upstart challengers before newly appointed GM Gary Oak decided to create a PPV designed to wrest away Scorps' belt. This PPV, Challenge tower, pit Scorpion in four consecutive title matches with Dante, Barret Wallace, Gary himself, and Solid Snake. Scorpion defeated them all, winning the Challenge Tower. However, one more challenge presented itself...


Nappa cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Challenge Tower, after Scorpion defeated his final opponent. In an exhilarating performance, Nappa managed to land his Ghost Bomber DX, securing the belt from Scorpion and ending the single greatest reign in VGCW history.


However, Nappa would not last long. A mere 22 days after claiming the title, Nappa was put in a Triple Threat against Guile and Ebisumaru, both of whom filled requirements in the recent Royal Rumble. After a lengthy battle, Ebisumaru hit a Burning Hammer on Nappa, which Guile took advantage of. A three-count was heard, and Guile was crowned as the new champ.

Sabin Rene FigaroEdit

While it is true that Sabin did not have the most lucrative of careers, a recent series of victories made him the #1 Contender in the eyes of GM Gary Oak. Putting him in a Triple Threat Tables match with secondary contender Dan Hibiki, Sabin proved his cunning by pushing the upstart through a table after beatings were exchanged between him and Guile. Sabin was given the belt, and quickly proved his ranking with a successful defense against the then-undefeated Kanji Tatsumi. He was then put up against his own Tag Team partner Johnny Cage at the Infinite Summer' PPV, defeating him as well. His next challenge would come at the hands of recent Royal Rumble winner Dracula.

Dracula Edit

With a recent string of victories and a newfound ability to walk in sunlight, the Lord of Darkness was able to gain a Title opportunity by winning a 40-Man Royal Rumble at the Infinite Summer PPV, going on to win the title for a fourth time. His first defense was against Air Man in the Main Event of End Game X1, managing to decisively defeat the Robot Master despite his tenacity. His next challenger was at Blood Money against an opponent of his own choosing, against Barret Wallace after the leader of A.V.A.L.A.N.C.H.E. offered to put his career on the line for a shot at the title. Before the contest could end however, M. Bison cut off the feed, and the match was later ruled a No Contest. The two were later booked to fight again by General Manager Gary Oak, this time at the Mega Evolution in a 30-Minute Hell in a Cell Iron Man Match, with Barret's career once again on the line, and this time, Dracula ended Barret's career for good. That same evening, he learnt the all too familiar identity of what would prove to be his final challenger...

Phoenix WrightEdit

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Phoenix Wright became the #1 Contender to the VGCW Championship by entering late into, and winning, the 30-Man Prime Cup Rumble at Mega Evolution, eliminating The Heavy to do so. Despite his reputation of overcoming the odds, nearly everyone believed that the defence attorney had no chance of defeating Dracula in spite of their history with each other. Their doubt turned out to be misplaced, as Phoenix Wright slayed Dracula in the Main Event of End Game X2 to finally be crowned VGCW Champion, his first taste of Championship gold.

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