List of all No Contest Match Dates.


An example of what can lead to a match being declared "No Contest".

Sometimes a match goes on for far too long.  Sometimes the win conditions prove to be too difficult for the fighters to achieve.  And sometimes the PS3 just craps out on Baz.  For whatever reason, when a match is declared "No Contest", it means that none of the wrestlers involved win or lose.  Typically, a No Contest match will have a follow-up match to make up for the THQuality

Notable matches that have been declared "No Contest".

  • The infamous "Gief Got Screwed" match, where Baz decided that Gief grabbing the briefcase after just 30 seconds was too cheap a win.
  • The tag-team championship table-on-fire match, where both The Returners and GameCenter FU had trouble achieving the daunting win condition.  Another match was held afterwards with less strict limits. 
  • Yet another table-breaking match between Zangief and Donkey Kong, where both wrestlers had difficulty with the path-finding, and spent more time setting and un-setting tables than in the actual fight.
  • During a match between Chief Arino and Segata Sanshiro, Arino attempted to grapple the referee. Even as the referee broke out of the hold, Arino was glitched firmly into place. When it became apparent he wasn't going anywhere soon, the match was brought to its "conclusion."
  • The GM Tournament Finals match between Adam Jensen and Gabe Newell was declared No Contest due to plot, when Dan rushed into the ring and knocked out both contenders before the fight was complete. (Notable as being the first known "no contest" NOT as a result of THQuality)

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