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This is a list of the current and all past EDBW Women's Champions.----

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The EDBW Women's Championship is the female championship of EDBW, which made its debut in the show's first episode. It is the most prestigious prize in the EDBW Women's Division, and many champions have used it as a springboard to a career in WVGCW.

After being unified with the EDBW Hardcore Championship at EDBW: The Golden on December 12, 2016, the title is now known as the EDBW Undisputed Women's Championship.

EDBW Women's Championship Title History[]

# Champion Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 Lucina 2014-01-23 3 70
  • Defended later separately against Black Orchid, Ellie, and Kerrigan in a 30-Minute Iron Woman Match (8-2).
- Vacant 2014-04-03 -
  • Lucina debuted in WVGCW, making the title vacant.
2 Saria 2014-05-02 0 35
3 Clementine 2014-06-06 0 14
  • Won against Saria in a Singles Match at Killscreen.
4 Sonya Blade 2014-06-20 3 109
5 Jinx 2014-10-07 2 74
  • Won a Six-Woman Battle Royale the episode prior to become #1 Contender. She defeated Sonya Blade, while Kerrigan was at ringside, in a singles match at Killscreen 2.
  • Defended against Clementine while each other's partners, Kerrigan and Ellie respectively, were at ringside. Also defended solo against Mona inside Hell in a Cell.
6 Rainbow Mika 2014-12-20 1 90
  • Won a #1 Contender's Tournament and the subsequent Championship Match against Jinx in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-1).
7 Sophitia Alexandra 2015-03-20 3 250
  • Won a Triple Threat Elimination Match to determine the #1 Contender and defeated R. Mika in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-1) at Killscr3n.
  • Defended against Curly Brace in a TLC Match, Saria, and Alice Liddell in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-1).
8 Morrigan (Dragon Age) 2015-11-24 0 115
  • Won a ladder match tournament to determine the #1 Contender and defeated Sophitia Alexandra in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-1) at Killscreen IV.
9 Jeanne 2016-03-18 1 154
  • Won a Triple Threat Table match to determine the #1 Contender and defeated Morrigan in a Singles Match.
  • Defended the title against Morrigan and Cynthia in a Hell in a Cell Triple Threat match.
10 Alice Liddell 2016-08-19 0 112
  • Won an Elimination Chamber match for contendership and defeated Jeanne in a 2/3 Falls Match at Killscreen V.
11 Kerrigan 2016-12-09 2 Current
  • Won the Random Tag Team Tournament 2 to become contender, winning the Hardcore Championship in the process. Defeated Alice Liddell in an Extreme Rules match at EDBW: The Golden, unifying the two titles and becoming Undisputed Women's Champion.
  • Defended the title against Mila at EDBW: Capitol Punishment and against Commander Shepard at Killscreen VI.



Having won a #1 Contender's match on the final episode of SNST, Lucina was entered into a Fatal Four-Way to determine EDBW's first ever Women's Champion. She would square off against the final SNST Women's Champion Lenoa Heidern, and newcomers Elizabeth and Kinzie Kensington. In what would be a start of a trend, Kinzie was eliminated first by Elizabeth. A Rebel Spark from Leona would put away Elizabeth, but it would be Lucina that would get the final pinfall and lay claim to the title.

Her first challenger was fellow SNST competitor Black Orchid. In a lengthy battle, Lucina would be able to rise above fate and become the first developmental wrestler to successfully defend their championship. She would later defend the belt a second time against Ellie. Lucina defended the title once more with a huge victory over Kerrigan in a 30-Minute Iron Woman match, winning 8-2.


Lucina debuted on the April 3rd, 2014 Broadcast of WVGCW, vacating the EDBW Women's Championship.


The second ever EDBW Women's Champion would be determined in a Six-Woman Ladder match. Naoto Shirogane, who already had a number of victories to her name, was automatically booked to compete in this match. Saria, Sheena Fujibayashi, and Edea Lee were added after winning qualifying matches on April 19th. John Dudebro selected the final two at random, giving Ellie and newcomer Cynthia a shot at the gold.

On the night of the Ladder match, Saria shocked the world and proved her superiority over her five opponents and gravity itself to become EDBW Women's Champion.


Clementine, having toppled the monstrous Kerrigan, challenged the champion at Killscreen, EDBW's first ever special event. Clem was able to overcome the sage and was crowded champion on June 7th, 2014.

Sonya Blade[]

Despite having a rocky start in EDBW, Sonya would become the #1 contender at Killscreen after winning a Ladder match against Joanna Dark. The very next episode, Sonya defeated Clementine and became EDBW Women's Champion.

The first contender for Sonya's title was Rainbow Mika, who Sonya pinned in a Hell in a Cell Match. She defended her belt a second time by successfully rolling-up Sophitia Alexandra for the three count. Sonya would tie Lucina's record by defeating Tron Bonne in a 2/3 Falls match.


After winning a Six-Woman Elimination match, Jinx had an opportunity to become champion at Killscreen 2. With a little ringside help from Kerrigan, Jinx dethroned Sonya and laid claim to her championship belt.

Jinx would defend her title against former champion Clementine after (eventually) getting the three count with a roll-up. She continued to hold on to the championship after pinning Mona in a Hell in a Cell match.

Rainbow Mika[]

With the delay of WVGCW's Breakdown F.I.V.E., EDBW held an impromptu tournament on December 20th, 2014 to determine the #1 contender for the Women's Championship. R. Mika overcame Marie, Sophitia, and Edea Lee and faced Jinx the same night. In her second chance at bringing home the gold, Mika became the new champion by beating Jinx 2-1.

She defended her title once with a dominant victory over Blaze Fielding.

Sophitia Alexandra[]

Sophitia became the #1 contender the show before Killscr3n by winning a Triple Threat match against Medusa and Marie. At the PPV, Sophitia faced Mika in a 2/3 Falls Rematch with the title on the line. Despite Mika getting the first fall, it would be Sophitia who would walk out champion after pulling ahead with a suplex from the top rope and the Hammer of Hephaestus.

She defended her title the next episode against the new and improved Curly Brace after retrieving the belt in a TLC Match as voted for by the fans. Sophitia was then be able to knock off former champion Saria in a close contest, keeping the title around her waist. Her next challenger was Alice Liddell, who saw Sophitia in a...different light, and had slammed the champion through a table after the match's contract was signed. Sophitia persevered however to successfully retain the title for a third time by defeating Alice 2-1 in a 2/3 Falls Match, guaranteeing she would go to Killscreen IV as the Champion.

Morrigan (Dragon age)[]

With no clear opponent for Sophitia to face, it was decided that a tournament was to be held to determine her opponent at Killscreen IV. Originality not booked to take part, an attack on Clementine by Ellie gave her the chance to take part. She would end up facing Jeanne, Aqua and Fio Germi, and in every match managed to get to the top of the ladder when it mattered to give her the win and the title shot. Before that however, she teamed up with current EDBW Champion Liquid Snake against Sophitia and Liquid's challenger Eddie Riggs. The match would be a powerful display by Sophitia leading to Morrigan taking the pin, and causing people to question how she could hope to beat the current champ.

The answer would come at Killscreen, when just before the match began, Sophitia spotted Morrigan mumbling under her breath. Despite claiming it was just a prayer, as soon as Sophitia used her first finisher, it was clear that Morrigan had weakened Sophitia's finisher to give herself an advantage, and allowing her to get the first pin off a Dragon Age Suplex. Sophitia was able to make it 1-1 with a Soul Edgecution, but in the end, she couldn't overcome the curse Morrigan had placed on her, allowing Morrigan to get off a Judgement Slam and win the title.


Jeanne competed in a Triple Threat Tables match against Aqua and Princess Elise, and put Elise through a table to win the match and become the #1 contender. Jeanne would go on to defeat Morrigan in a hard-fought match, although Morrigan's poor sportsmanship would come into play when, with the aid of Commander Shepard, she attacked Jeanne and stole the title belt after the match.

The next episode, Morrigan agreed to return the title in exchange for a championship rematch, which she received in the form of a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match that also included the rightful #1 Contender Cynthia and featured Teddie as the special guest referee. It was there that Jeanne pinned Morrigan for the second time, defeating her once and for all and finally taking the title that was hers.

Alice Liddell[]

To determine the challenger for the Women's Championship at Killscreen V, an Elimination Chamber match was held between Mila, Robin, Kerrigan, Aqua, Alice, and Ulala. Entering the match first, Alice survived the entire match before pinning Robin to win her second opportunity at the Women's Championship.

Waging mind games right up to the match, Alice entered her championship match with Jeanne in her terrifying Hysteria form and fought a vicious war with the champion, defeating her with Trouble in Wonderland and winning her first Women's Championship.


Winning the Random Tag Team Tournament 2 and the Hardcore Championship at the same time, Kerrigan's second opportunity at the Women's Championship would be a historic one as the two championships would be merged into one.

In an Extreme Rules match at EDBW: The Golden, the two champions threw everything at each other - including a spear through the barricade, a moonsault through the announce table, and a shooting star press through a table in the ring. But in the end, it was the Hardcore Champion that came out on top, pinning Alice with a Zerg Rush to win the Women's title and become the first ever Undisputed Women's Champion.

After winning the title, Kerrigan would first defend against Mila at EDBW: Capitol Punishment, and next against Commander Shepard in the main event of Killscreen VI.

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