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  • SNST Hardcore Championship in which the EDBW Hardcore Championship was based on.

The EDBW Hardcore Championship was the third championship of EDBW, which debuted in the show's first episode.

The Championship was defended under "Hardcore Rules": No Disqualifications, No Countouts, and Pinfalls Count Anywhere, with an additional rule for the Championship itself: It could be contested anywhere at any time (itself known as the "24/7 Rule"). Matches were often held backstage where foreign objects can be found such as steel electrical cases and cars, although traditional Contendership and Title Matches were still sometimes held.

For the first eleven months of EDBW the Hardcore Title was competed for by men, but Robin's title win brought the belt to the Women's Division where it remained for the next two years. It was also the only title to ever be held by a real person, as showrunner John Dudebro once won the title in a MAGfest brawl against a cosplayer.

The Hardcore Championship was retired after EDBW: The Golden, when the final champion Kerrigan unified it with the EDBW Women's Championship to form the EDBW Undisputed Women's Championship.

Due to its unique ruleset, there were far more Hardcore Champions than there have been champions any other title in EDBW, with a total of 26 different competitors who held the title in its lifespan. Out of those 26, five held the title multiple times. Commander Shepard and Jeff Gerstmann each held the title three separate times, although one of Gerstmann's reigns was with the SNST version of the title.

Strong Bad is credited by many for bringing the title to prominence, with his dominant three-defense reign that set the standard for much of the title's life. But technically speaking, the most successful Hardcore Champion ever may have been Commander Shepard, who by defending the title in 2/3 Falls matches achieved three reigns and two defenses.

EDBW Hardcore Championship Title HistoryEdit

# Champion Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 Jeff Gerstmann (2) 2014-01-23 0 15
  • Won in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match against Jacket, Serge, and Goomba.
  • As Jeff was also the inaugural and only SNST Hardcore Champion, this is recognized as his second Hardcore Championship reign.
2 Strong Bad 2014-02-07 3 51
3 Eddie Riggs 2014-03-30 0 20
4 Frog 2014-04-19 0 1
  • Won the title by defeating Eddie Riggs in a Backstage Brawl
5 Kanji Tatsumi 2014-04-20 2 47
6 King of All Cosmos 2014-06-06 0 <1
7 Guybrush Threepwood 2014-06-06 0 <1
8 Rash 2014-06-06 0 42
9 Goomba 2014-07-18 3 81
  • Won the title by defeating Rash in a Backstage Brawl during a loading screen.
  • Goomba's successful Title defenses were entirely outside of EDBW: During John's VGCW: ARENA Promo (against Pepsiman), during ARENA itself (against Viewtiful Joe), and during a delay in VGCW (against Professor Oak).
10 Charles Barkley 2014-10-07 0 <1
  • Goomba was pinned by Charles Barkley and eliminated in the Championship Elimination Chamber match, making him the Champion. However, he was later pinned by Rad Spencer who in turn lost the match to Asura.
11 Rad Spencer 2014-10-07 0 <1
12 Asura 2014-10-07 2 61
  • Defended against Bubsy in a Backstage Brawl and Johnny Gat in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match.
13 Jeff Gerstmann (3) 2014-12-07 0 13
14 Robin 2014-12-20 1 48
  • Won the title by defeating Jeff Gerstmann in a Backstage Brawl during the EDBW Women's Championship #1 Contenders' Tournament.
  • With the exception of John Dudebro briefly holding the title, this marked the title's transition from the Men's Division to the Women's Division.
  • Defended against Edea Lee.
15 John Dudebro 2015-01-24 ? 3*
  • John claimed the belt from a Robin cosplayer during the convention MAGfest. Some allege the belt changed hands among several members of his entourage during the con, but no records exist of these matches so they are not officially recognized.
- Vacant 2015-01-27 - -
  • John vacated the title to protect the company.
16 Jeanne 2015-01-30 0 49
  • Won in a Fatal Four-Way Tables Match against Robin, Kerrigan, and Mona when the Title was freely up for grabs.
17 KOS-MOS 2015-03-20 0 42
  • Won in a Six-Woman Elimination Tag Team Match where KOS-MOS pinned Jeanne, but nobody was able to pin KOS-MOS.
18 Princess Elise 2015-05-01 0 <1
  • The winning team of the above match faced off for the Title. Princess Elise was able to knock out KOS-MOS, but was then herself knocked out by Cynthia.
19 Cynthia 2015-05-01 0 28
20 Aqua 2015-05-29 0 39
  • Aqua won the title from Cynthia in a Backstage Brawl.
21 Commander Shepard 2015-07-07 0 31
  • Won the title in a 3-on-1 Handicap Backstage Brawl at SNST: One Night Stand with Ellie & Fio Germi. Shepard was the one who knocked out Aqua, therefore making her the Champion.
22 Aqua (2) 2015-08-07 0 <1
  • Aqua pinned Shepard in a 2/3 Falls Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match before being pinned herself by Shepard, with the score being 2-1 to Shepard in the end. Each pin is recognized as an individual reign.
23 Commander Shepard (2) 2015-08-07 1 92
24 Fio Germi 2015-11-06 0 <1
  • Fio pinned Shepard in a 2/3 Falls Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match before being pinned herself by Shepard, with the score being 2-1 to Shepard in the end. Each pin is recognized as an individual reign.
25 Commander Shepard (3) 2015-11-06 1 18
26 Kerrigan 2015-11-24 1 101
  • Became champion by pinning Marie in a six-woman Hell in a Cell match.
  • Defended against Commander Shepard.
27 Medusa 2016-03-04 1 84
  • Won the title by defeating Kerrigan in a Backstage Brawl.
  • Defended in a brawl against Mila.
28 Jaina Proudmoore 2016-05-27 0 84
  • Won the title by defeating Medusa in a Backstage Brawl.
29 Mona 2016-08-19 0 63
  • Won the title in a six-woman ladder match at Killscreen V, defeating Jaina Proudmoore, Mistral, Robin, Aya Brea, and Blaze Fielding.
30 Clementine 2016-10-21 0 <1
  • Won the title in the first round of the Random Tag Team Tournament 2 by pinning Mona.
31 Robin (2) 2016-10-21 0 <1
  • Won the title in the second round of the Random Tag Team Tournament 2 by pinning Clementine, becoming a 2-time Hardcore Champion.
32 Kerrigan (2) 2016-10-21 3 49
  • Won the title in the finals of the Random Tag Team Tournament 2 by pinning Robin, becoming a 2-time Hardcore Champion.
  • Defended against Jeanne in a ladder match, "defended" against Alice Liddell backstage, and defended in a Title For Title Unification Match against Alice Liddell.
  • Unified the title with the EDBW Women's Championship, marking this as the final Hardcore Title reign.


Jeff GerstmannEdit

Having won the SNST Hardcore Championship on the show's final episode, Jeff Gerstmann was entered into a Fatal-Fourway elimination match to determine EDBW's first Hardcore Champion. Mirroring how Jeff won the title back on SNST, he was able to pin all three of his opponents and claim the belt as his.

Strong BadEdit

After winning a Fatal-Fourway match to determine the #1 contender, Strong Bad attacked Jeff Gerstmann in the parking lot the very same episode. Strong Bad knocked the champion out and become the second person to hold the belt.

He would defend the championship against Ness during and episode of VGCW At Home, against Sub-Zero, and finally against Iron Tager, which is tied for the most successful defenses in one reign.

Eddie RiggsEdit

With momentum from winning a Triple Threat match, Eddie Riggs challenged Strong Bad backstage during the series premiere of VGCW: ARENA and would become the new Hardcore Champion.


Having defeated Viewtiful Joe earlier in the show, Frog would wait for the credits to roll and attacked Riggs backstage. This unexpected strike worked in Frog's favor as he would end the show Hardcore Champion.

Kanji TatsumiEdit

Footage of Frog fighting Kanji Tatsumi and his tag team partner Skullomania was found on the video John Dudebro posted of the EDBW Women's Championship Ladder Match drawing. Kanji stood tall in the end, becoming the new champion.

He would go on to defend the belt against Jacket during a presumably riveting episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. Kanji would face Rad Spencer in-ring for the title and was able to defeat him as well.

King of All CosmosEdit

Having had an impressive showing in the Royal Rumble the previous show, Carlos fought Kanji backstage during Killscreen and was able to dethrone the champion.

Guybrush ThreepwoodEdit

Having also had an impressive showing in the Rumble, Guybrush Threepwood attacked the champion about 15 minutes after he won the title. Guybrush claimed the belt after rolling The King up for the three count.


Rash made his surprise return to the developmentals near the end of Killscreen. He defeated Guybrush backstage, becoming the new champ.


It would turn out that not even the loading screens were safe, as Rash was ambushed by Goomba while Dudebro was setting up the next match. Goomba knocked the champion out and would be able to defend the belt three times. He defeated Pepsiman while interrupting Dudebro's VGCW: ARENA promo, Viewtiful Joe during ARENA, and Professor Oak while VGCW was temporarily delayed. This ties the record for most successful defenses in a single reign.

Charles BarkleyEdit

With the title being defended at Killscreen 2 in the Elimination Chamber, Charles Barkley was one of the five wrestlers randomly chosen to be in the match. Entering last, he would make the champion the first person eliminated, making Barkley the champ for the time being.

Rad SpencerEdit

Two of the final three, Rad and Asura, teamed up to eliminate Barkley from the Chamber. Rad got the pin...


...However, he would fall not long after to Asura, ending the match with the belt around Asura's waist. He would defend the belt in a violent squash against Johnny Gat and in a brawl backstage against Bubsy after countering the cat's 'Tude Adjustment.

It is worth noting that Bubsy came closer to winning the title than Gat did.

Jeff Gerstmann (2)Edit

After winning a Triple Threat match, Jeff challenged Asura backstage during an episode of VGCW: ARENA. The brawl ended with Jeff landing the Giant Powerbomb on the deity and claiming the title for the second time, making him perhaps not the best Hardcore Champion, but the most Hardcore Champion.


Robin, with momentum from winning a Fatal-Fourway against Tron Bonne, Edea Lee, and Saria, fought Jeff Gerstmann during the EDBW Women's Championship #1 Contenders' Tournament. Robin's strategy paid off, as the belt would change hands. Robin would later retain the title against Edea during an intro-interrupting backstage brawl.

John DudebroEdit

Footage of a "MAGFest Brawl" arose on the web that presented the showrunner, John Dudebro, becoming Hardcore Champion by making Robin (a cosplayer) submit.


If the boss gets hurt it's bad for everyone. John vacates the title, making sure that he puts over no one.


The vacant title was up for grabs in a four-woman tables match. Jeanne, the newcomer and Dudebro's representative, would become champion after putting Kerrigan through a table in a photo-finish. This would make the belt exclusive to EDBW's female division.


In a six-woman tag team match held at Killscr3n, KOS-MOS was randomly selected to partner with Cynthia and Princess Elise to take on Gaige, Marie, and the champion, Jeanne. KOS-MOS would dominate the opposition, pinning Jeanne and Marie while assisting in the final elimination. This made her the new Hardcore Champion.

Princess EliseEdit

KOS-MOS' team would EXPLODE backstage the very next episode. Elise would end up knocking the champion out...


...But lost the belt 13 seconds later via an Outrage DDT by new Champion Cynthia.


Aqua would be seen fighting Cynthia backstage while the Raging Stalwarts and The Mega Pawers made their way to the ring for a match. She made short work of the champion and took home the title.

Commander ShepardEdit

During SNST: One Night Stand, Aqua would be attacked backstage by SNST originals Commander Shepard, Fio Germi, and Ellie. Shepard would became the new champion after incapacitating Aqua with a clothesline.

Aqua (2)Edit

Aqua, unhappy with Shepard's use of assistance to claim the belt, was given a rematch with the champion two shows later. In an Extreme Rules 2/3 Falls match, Aqua would hit the Birth By Sleep and claim the belt...

Commander Shepard (2)Edit

...But Shepard would quickly regain the title after landing a Paragon Bottom. Another Paragon Bottom ended the match 2-1 with the belt around Shepard's waist.

Two weeks later, Commander Shepard broadcasted a message from space claiming that she would not lose the title by simply being jumped backstage and that she planned on elevating the Hardcore Championship's status.

Fio GermiEdit

After finishing Runner-Up in the #1 Contenders Tournament for the EDBW Women's Championship, Fio was given the chance to fight for the title by Shepard herself. In a similar situation to Shepard's previous Title Defense, Fio claimed the title by pinning Shepard with the Metal Slugger...

Commander Shepard (3)Edit

...Only for Shepard to hit the Paragon Bottom and pin her shortly afterwards, regaining the belt and going on to win the match 2-1.


Kerrigan would be randomly selected to fight for the title at Killscreen IV against five other women inside Hell in a Cell. She was able to capitalize on the match's chaos and pinned Marie after a Zerg Rush while the others were distracted.

She successfully defended the belt against Commander Shepard two shows later, possibly doing permanent damage to the renegade's back in the process.


After narrowly defeating Mila two episodes prior, Medusa fought Kerrigan backstage in an exciting brawl for the Hardcore title. With both competitors using all of their surroundings to their advantage, Medusa was able to get the win with her Stone Gaze, making her the new champion.

Medusa would defend the title in a second match against Mila in the middle of one of Sonic the Hedgehog's adventures in Soleanna.

Jaina Proudmoore Edit

After picking up a victory in her debut match against Mistral, newcomer Jaina Proudmoore kept her momentum going by challenging Medusa during an otherwise unassuming intermission the very next episode. With a thunderous ArcaneO out of nowhere onto the concrete floor, she knocked out the champion and claimed the Hardcore Title.


In a breathtaking six-woman ladder match at Killscreen V, Mona won her first title by outlasting Jaina Proudmoore, Robin, Aya Brea, Blaze Fielding, and Mistral to retrieve the championship belt and become Hardcore Champion.

Though the footage was well-hidden, Mona did achieve a title defense in a 2K17 Champion vs. Champion EDBW vs. NXT match against reigning NXT Women's Champion Asuka. It marked the first time a WWE wrestler challenged for an EDBW title.

Clementine Edit

In the first round of the Random Tag Team Tournament 2, Mona teamed with Ellie to face Clementine and Medusa. Clementine scored the pinfall over Mona with a Season Finale, advancing in the tournament and winning the Hardcore title for the first time in her career.

Robin (2) Edit

Clementine's reign would prove short-lived, as in the second round of the tournament her team was defeated by the duo of Robin and Morrigan. Robin pinned Clementine with a Tome End, becoming a two-time Hardcore Champion.

Kerrigan (2) Edit

Kerrigan's second Hardcore Championship would be the final reign for the title. After defeating Robin with a Vespene Claw and defending in a #1 Contenders Ladder Match against Jeanne, Kerrigan went into a Title for Title match against reigning EDBW Women's Champion Alice Liddell. In the war of words that preceded the match, she attacked Alice backstage, claiming it as her second title defense. The legacy of the Hardcore Championship came to an end at EDBW: The Golden. There, Kerrigan would defeat Alice and unify the Hardcore Championship with the Women's Championship, forming the Undisputed Women's Championship.

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