This is a list of all Co-Op Tag Teams that have been in EDBW.

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List of Temporary Tag TeamsEdit

Due to the nature of the developmental, many tag teams are formed and dissolved quickly. Tag teams that only lasted one or two episodes are not given a page, and instead listed below.

Tag Team Name Division Member 1 Member 2 Details
The Chosen Two Men's Ness Lucas This team had a single match before Ness was called up to VGCW and formed a different tag team.
Combo Meal Men's Pepsiman The Noid This team had a single match before The Noid was fired.
Radical Dreamers Men's Magus Serge Both teams had two tag matches until Serge and Professor Oak were fired by The Purge.
Who's That Pokemon? Men's Professor Oak Bubsy
Deadly Prosecution Men's Francis York Morgan Miles Edgeworth Miles Edgeworth was called up to VGCW after their first match.
Applied Mathematics Men's Sho Minamimoto Iron Tager Eight tag teams were formed on Episode 33 as part of #1 Contenders Tournament. While other five teams have kept their alliance since then, these three teams have broken ties.
Saints Ronin Men's Johnny Gat Ryu Hayabusa
Raging Stalwarts Men's Reyn Asura
Red Velvet Women's Marie Red (Transistor) This team had a single match before Red was fired as a result of The Purge.
Time Crisis Women's Marle Blaze Fielding Eight tag teams were formed on Episode 56 as part of a #1 Contenders Tournament. As of right now it is unknown which teams will keep their alliances, so they're all listed.
Trick Room Women's Cynthia Trucy Wright
Hit & Run Women's Aya Brea Lilith
Witchcraft Women's Jeanne Kerrigan
Soleanna Finance Women's Recette Lemongrass Princess Elise
Shadow Dragon Age Women's Robin Morrigan
The Last Slice Women's Mona Ellie
Uprising Dead Women's Medusa Clementine

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