This is a list of the current and all past EDBW Champions.
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The EDBW Championship is the primary male championship of EDBW. It debuted in the show's first episode, with Dante winning the inaugural title match in the main event. For the first several seasons of EDBW, the title was defended every other episode, but in recent seasons the contendership process has been extended and title matches have been moved to pay-per-views.

EDBW Championship Title HistoryEdit

# Champion Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 Dante 2014-01-23 0 29
2 Pepsiman 2014-02-21 0 29
  • Earned #1 Contendership by beating Brock, going on to win the title in a 2/3 Falls Hell in a Cell Match (2-1).
3 Serge 2014-03-22 0 48
  • Earned #1 Contendership in a TLC Match and in that same evening's main event, won the title inside Hell in a Cell.
4 Johnny Gat 2014-04-19 2 97
  • Earned #1 Contendership by beating Goomba, and won the title the next episode.
  • Defended his Title in a 2/3 Falls Match against Vyse at the first Killscreen, and in a Triple Threat Elimination Match against Senator Armstrong & Magus.
5 Demoman 2014-07-25 0 20
  • Earned #1 Contendership by beating Strong Bad, then going on to win the title in a TLC Match that took only three minutes.
  • Later beat Johnny Gat again in a Ring of Fire non-title match.
6 Kratos 2014-08-14 5 148
  • Earned #1 Contendership in a Triple Threat Elimination Match against Jacket & Asura, winning the title that same evening in a Hell in a Cell Match.
  • Kratos' reign is the reign with the highest number of defenses, having defended the title against Iron Tager, Francis York Morgan, Miles Edgeworth, Pepsiman & Reyn in a Triple Threat Elimination Match, and Strong Bad in a Ring of Fire Match.
  • His final defense was against all but one of his Championship opponents in an Elimination Chamber match, where winning would have resulted in his retirement from EDBW as "God of Wres"
7 Reyn 2015-01-09 0 49
  • As one of Kratos' previous opponents, he was entered into a Six-Man Elimination Chamber Match for the EDBW Championship. Lasting from the beginning until the very end, Reyn won the title from Kratos.
8 Lucas 2015-02-27 1 70
  • Earned #1 Contendership in a Triple Threat Ladder Match including Senator Armstrong & Kanji Tatsumi that took less than 2 minutes.
  • Defended his title againt Bubsy in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-0) at Killscr3n.
9 Liquid Snake 2015-05-08 2 201
  • Became a #1 Contender by defeating Shovel Knight in an Inferno Match. Won in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match against fellow #1 Contender Guybrush Threepwood and the reigning champion Lucas.
  • During his reign he defended the title against Vyse in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-1) at SNST: One Night Stand, and Sho Minamimoto in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-0) the following episode.
10 Eddie Riggs 2015-11-24 1 136
  • Became #1 Contender by winning a 40-Man Royal Rumble. Won in a 2/3 Falls Match (2-1) at Killscreen IV.
  • Defended against The Lich King in a singles match.
11 Big the Cat 2016-04-08 2 322
  • Became #1 Contender by winning a Fatal Four-Way Steel Cage match against Urdnot Wrex, Viewtiful Joe and Tom Nook.
  • Defended against Tom Nook in a 2/3 Falls match at Killscreen V.
  • Defended against Lucas at EDBW: The Golden.
12 Francis York Morgan 2017-02-24 0 21
  • Qualified for a fatal four-way title match by defeating Strong Bad.
  • Defeated Big the Cat, Liquid Snake, and Charles Barkley to win the title at EDBW: Capitol Punishment.
13 Liquid Snake (2) 2017-03-17 0 84
  • Defeated Francis York Morgan in an Extreme Rules match (with Charles Barkley's interference) at King of Extreme.
13 Francis York Morgan (2) 2017-06-09 0 Current
  • Defeated Liquid Snake and Eddie Riggs in a Triple Threat match at Killscreen VI (as Francis Zach Morgan).



In the main event of the premiere episode of EDBW, the controversial, raven-haired Dante make a surprise return to VGCW programing with a chance to become the first EDBW Champion. He would outlast Iron Tager, Johnny Gat, Big the Cat, and Johnny Cage before laying out his final opponent, Magus, with a Fuckercut. Dante got the three count and became champion, sending a big "fuck you" to his detractors.


Having pinned Brock in a #1 Contenders match, Pepsiman fought the champion inside a steel cage on February 21st, 2014. He was able to overpower Dante and defeated him 2-1, making Pepsiman the new EDBW Champion. The belt was branded with Pepsi imagery for this reign.


A victory over the King of All Cosmos would place Serge in a #1 Contenders Ladder match against Terry Bogard and Travis Touchdown. Serge was able to retrieve the briefcase and faced Pepsiman later that night. The challenger made surprisingly quick work of the champion and claimed his title to the dismay of the majority of the crowd.

Johnny GatEdit

After becoming #1 contender by defeating Goomba, Johnny Gat faced the champion on April 19th, 2014. The most dangerous man in the universe dominated Serge and quickly became EDBW Champion.

Gat defended the belt for the first time in the title's history in Killscreen's main event in a match against Vyse. He retained the title once more by using his smarts to overcome Senator Armstrong and Magus in a Triple Threat match.


The Demoman would challenge for the title after winning close matches against Miles Edgeworth and Strong Bad. He faced off with Gat in a TLC match for the EDBW Championship and was victorious in merely three minutes after knocking the Saint off the ladder and quickly retrieving the belt.

While Demoman would not be able to defend the championship, he would decisively beat Gat in a non-title rematch with the ring surrounded by flames.


Despite his return to the indies ending with him soundly losing to Magus, Kratos was able to rebound with a handful of wins and competed with The Demoman on August 14th, 2014. Kratos capitalized on the champion's high-risk offense and pinned him with a Hammer of Hepheastus, getting the win and making him the only wrestler to have held the VGCW, SNST, and EDBW Championships.

The God of War went on to have and incredibly successful reign, retaining the belt on five separate occasions, the first being against Iron Tager. Kratos would defend the title again at Killscreen 2 in Francis York Morgan's first one-on-one match. Miles Edgeworth was added to his list the next show, Pepsiman and the fan-voted Reyn would lose to the champion in a Triple Threat match, and Dangeresque would be Kratos' final victim.


An Elimination Champion match was booked as Kratos' final match as champion. He would face the challengers he defeated along the way with the title of "God of Wres" being the prize for one last defense. This accomplishment was not to be, however, as the clock struck "Reyn Time" on Kratos' championship reign. Reyn, the man who entered the title picture via the fan's support, made it to the final four and pinned all three of his remaining opponents in succession. The young man from Colony 9 walked out of the chamber EDBW Champion.


Lucas quietly amassed a number of victories and was given a chance to compete for the title on January 30th, 2015. With the championship match's contract suspended above the ring, he would be able to grab hold of the briefcase while the other two competitors, Senator Armstrong and Kanji Tatsumi, focused on each other. The trend of Lucas being ignored and forgotten became a blessing as he won the match before his opponents were able to notice and put a stop to him. Lucas would go on to face Reyn, someone who had bested him twice in the past. However, history did not repeat itself and Lucas defeated the champion, claiming the title and marking a huge career turnaround.

He would main event Killscr3n by beating the tar out of a deeply unpleasant cat.

Liquid SnakeEdit

Liquid Snake found himself in a favorable situation after beating Shovel Knight: He would be placed into a Triple Threat match for the EDBW Championship without having to win a #1 Contenders match. With the match being one fall to finish, he was able knock out and pin Guybrush Threepwood with a dazed Lucas being just slightly too slow to break up the count. Excluding an appearance in a Royal Rumble, Liquid Snake had won EDBW's top title in only his second match with the company.

He defended the gold against former SNST wrestler Vyse at SNST: One Night Stand, causing a riot to break out in the arena. Liquid retained once more in a match with Sho Minamimoto on July 24th, 2015.

Eddie RiggsEdit

Eddie Riggs returned from inactivity to win the Season 4 Royal Rumble, setting the stage for a main event showdown with the champion Liquid Snake at Killscreen IV. In one of the most hyped matches in EDBW history, Eddie tapped into the powers of his demonic ancestry to overcome Liquid in a classic match, winning the EDBW Championship.

Eddie would later defend the title against The Lich King before walking into a defense against the World's Largest Cathlete.

Big the CatEdit

A long time after coming up short in the first ever EDBW Championship match, Big the Cat earned another championship match by winning the Segata Sanshiro Memorial Battle Royale and a steel cage match against Tom Nook, Urdnot Wrex, and Viewtiful Joe. He went on to upset the champion Eddie Riggs to win the title, showing incomparable resilience by kicking out of two Riggnarok Presses before taking down Eddie with a Big The Cat Ending.

Big would then go into Killscreen V as champion, where he retained his title against Royal Rumble winner Tom Nook. He also defended at EDBW: The Golden against former champion Lucas, surviving three Clash of the Lucases in an unbelievable show of toughness before putting away his challenger.

Francis York Morgan Edit

At EDBW: Capitol Punishment, Big finally faced a challenge even bigger than he was in a Fatal Four-Way match against Liquid Snake, Francis York Morgan, and Charles Barkley. Liquid and Barkley neutralized his legendary durability by beating him down backstage before the match, and this led to him being eliminated first after a Liquid Snake leg drop.

After Big's elimination, it proved to be York's long-awaited coronation, as he put down Barkley with an F-5 In The Coffee and pinned Liquid with the Sinner's Sandwich to finally win the EDBW Championship.

Liquid Snake (2) Edit

Unfortunately, York's crowning moment would be short-lived. Accepting a challenge laid down by Liquid Snake, the two fought in an Extreme Rules title match at the King of Extreme special. After seeing York kick out of the leg drop that felled Big the Cat, Liquid took his frustrations out on the referee, and then brought out his ally Charles Barkley to guarantee his victory.

After a two on one assault punctuated by a vicious conchairto, Barkley rolled the referee back into the ring to give the final three-count. And under highly controversial circumstances, EDBW had its first ever two-time EDBW Champion: Liquid Snake.

Francis York Morgan (2) Edit

York's redemption would come at Killscreen VI. After the controversy surrounding his defeat, he was given another opportunity, turning the planned EDBW Championship match of Liquid Snake vs. Eddie Riggs into a triple threat.

Entering the ring as his alter ego, Francis Zach Morgan, he took advantage of Extreme Rules by dropping Eddie Riggs head-first onto the steel steps, and then following up with an F-5 In The Coffee to Liquid Snake onto those same steps for the pin and his second EDBW Championship.

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