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This is a list of the current and all past Casualette Champions.

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The Casualette Championship is the sixth belt spanning all VGCW shows (third in WVGCW itself), introduced on the January 31st, 2014 Broadcast by GM at the time "The Saint". Since then, the belt has kept it's purple motif and overbearing United States theme.

It is the secondary title in the female side of the league, added as an alternative to the WVGCW Championship and is generally contested for by wrestlers on the lower spectrum of the card.

Casualette Championship Title History[]

# Champion Date Defenses Days Held Note
1 Chie Satonaka March 14th, 2014 0 41
  • Took Videl's place in the Championship Match by defeating her the show prior to Breakdown 2/3; The first Casualette Champion.
2 Shadow Peach / Princess Peach April 24th, 2014 0 71
  • Granted a title match after pinning Bayonetta and Lightning on the previous show.
3 Kitana July 4th, 2014 1 183
  • Cashed in her Money in the Bank Contract when Peach returned to normal at Breakdown IV: Executive Action.
  • Defended the title against Morrigan in a Ring of Fire Match. Despite the match actually being to determine who gets to fight Sindel, this is counted as an official Title Defence.
4 Sindel January 2nd, 2015 3 196
  • Held title hostage and eventually granted a title shot in a Ring of Fire Iron Woman Match, winning the match with a score of 8-5 to win the belt.
  • Defended against Shantae at the Money in the Bank PPV. In an attempt to bargain her way into the Main Event, she held a series of Open Challenges for her title, defending the title against both Gruntilda and Videl.
5 Tina Armstrong July 17th, 2015 0 11
  • Answered Sindel's Open Challenge and won the Casualette Championship the episode prior to Breakdown 06.
6 Peacock July 28th, 2015 0 123
  • Answered an Open Challenge issued by Tina Armstrong at Breakdown 06, and won the title in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match.
7 Cube November 27th, 2015 1 194
  • Earned a title shot by winning a Six-Man tag team match and Triple Threat match. Won the title at the Chamber of Elimination PPV.
  • Defended against Faith Connors in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match at the first Splat Wres.
8 Poison June 7th, 2016 1 110+
  • Earned a title shot by winning a #1 Casualette Contenders Tournament, defeating Maya Fey, Android 18 & Sheena Fujibayashi in the process. She defeated Cube in a Ring of Fire Match at Breakdown 777 to become the new Casualette Champion
  • Defended against Morrigan Aensland at the Royal Rumble PPV.


Chie Satonaka[]

Originally considered a jobber by the masses, Chie Satonaka's career had a renaissance in the latter half of Season 3 after holding her own against Mad Gear, and then beating the double of a former Gurl Gamer Champion. After the original six contenders for the Casualette Championship were announced, Chie beat Videl for her place in the match. Despite history repeating itself with her being jumped from behind by Carmen Sandiego, Chie managed to climb the ladder and win, becoming the first Casualette Champion in WVGCW History.

Shadow Peach / Princess Peach[]

On April 10th, Shadow Peach was booked for two matches. One against Bayonetta and a tag team match against 18 Volts. Peach scored the pin in both contests, impressing Other GM Samus Aran backstage. On the next episode, she informed Chie that she was given a opportunity to win her Casualette Championship in the main event. At the end of a very back-and-forth match, Peach hit the Rainbow Rhodes and pinned Chie for the three count, becoming the new Casualette Champion. Peach would have her shadow side removed by Chie but was still recognized as Casualette Champion.


Peach was still weak from transforming back to her old self, and Kitana took advantage by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase to take the title. She got into a few arguments with her mother, Sindel. As a result, Sindel pulled the belt right out of her daughter's hands and ran away.


Sindel purely was using the Casualette Title hostage to move up towards a Gurl Gamer Championship match. As Kitana lobbied to get her title back from Sindel who stole it, eventually met in a Ring of Fire Iron Woman match to decide the Casualette Champion, of which Sindel won. She had a very low opinion of the Casualette title, following her first defense, against Shantae she opened the belt up to an Open Challenge. Grunty and Videl would accept the open challenge, only to fail and subject the audience to Sindel's gloating.

Tina Armstrong[]

Tina would be the third wrestler to accept Sindel's open challenge for the belt. She however, would be successful in her attempt, going into Breakdown 06 with the belt but without a challenger.


Lacking a challenger for Breakdown 06, Tina decided to keep the open challenge open. She was answered by Peacock, who won the belt in an Extreme Rules match.


Despite not getting enough votes to get into the #1 Contenders Elimination Chamber match at the upcoming Chamber of Elimination PPV, Cube was able to work her way to a title match by winning a six-woman tag team match and a Triple Threat contest subsequently afterwards to gain contendership; she became the new Casualette Champion by pinning Peacock in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere match.

Cube went on to main-event the Splat Wres PPV and defended the title against the winner of the aforementioned winner of the Elimination Chamber Contenders Match, Faith Connors, in an Extreme Rules Falls Count Anywhere Match.


Despite being down on her luck in terms of results and fan support, Poison was able to work her way into a #1 Contenders Tournament and win the whole thing by defeating Maya Fey in a KO Match, Android 18 in a Cage Match, and Sheena Fujibayashi in a 2/3 Falls Match in the finals, booking her match against Cube at Breakdown 777, where she would don her close friend Roll's hat and win the Casualette Championship in a Ring of Fire Match.

Her first defence would come at the Royal Rumble PPV the following Season against an on-fire Morrigan Aensland, but without a certain someone being at ringside to avoid shenanigans, and she was able to vanquish the succubus to defend her title.

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