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Bravely Second
WVGCW Co-Op Team

    Wrestlers Edea Lee
    & Agnès Oblige
    Company/Group? Square Enix
    Debut 2016-07-22

    Status Active
    Impression Face

    Bravely Second is a Tag Team formed by Edea Lee & Agnès Oblige. The pair made their debut in WVGCW in the main event of the Season 8 Premiere, with Edea earning her promotion from EDBW and Agnès making her debut. The team name comes from the sequel to the game in which they're both playable party members, Bravely Second: End Layer.

    In WVGCW[]

    Season 8: That Tag Team's Name Is...[]

    On July 22nd, 2016, Edea Lee was promoted from EDBW to WVGCW. However, since her tag team partner was currently trapped inside EDBW due to the Lockdown, she was unable to bring her along. Because of this, Edea went and found herself a new partner in her close friend Agnès Oblige. Initially reluctant to go ahead with the match, Edea was able to talk her around and the pair faced Steak Machina. In a very close contest, Agnès was eventually pinned by Aigis, though with such an impressive performance, and a Tag Team Contendership Tournament coming up in the near future, it's not all doom and gloom for Bravely Second...

    Tag Team Record[]

    Date Opponents Result Tag Record Notes
    2016-07-22 Steak Machina Loss 0-1-0 Debut