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Sometimes, there's THQuality. Sometimes, there's LOTS of THQuality. But sometimes, even great showrunners like Baz McMahon fuck up and give the show some technical difficulties. When that happens, that's BazzaQuality.

BazzaQuality happens when Bazza accidentally affects the show in a way to THQuality. This may happen because it's an oversight, sometimes Bazza's just tired, and it can sometimes stem FROM THQuality.

BazzaQuality examples include:Edit

  • Bazza might not check the rules of a match beforehand, meaning the win condition might be A. really hard to achieve or B. impossible for the AI to do without looking ridiculous.
  • Sometimes Bazza will play the wrong theme to the wrong character. When Solid Snake won, Sonic's theme was played instead. More recently, Luigi's theme began to play when Tingle entered the arena. Luigi entered soon after.
  • In Mike Haggar's second match, Bazza forgot to set Haggar to CPU-control, resulting in Haggar being beaten around by Zangief for several minutes without any kind of response.
  • In a Royal Rumble, Bazza accidentally inserted a non-vidya character, resulting in several "UMM"s from the chat.
  • On multiple occasions, Bazza accidentally inserted current contender spot holders into a Royal Rumble. Luckily for Bazza, these contenders came out early and thus were eliminated before they could become double contenders and screw up the rankings.
  • The stream for 2013-02-10 had a laggy start. The cause behind this was Bazza downloading a torrent.
  • On the 2013-04-17 stream, Bazza accidentally inserted Badman Vegeta instead of Majin Vegeta into said stream's Royal Rumble. Thankfully Vegeta would be eliminated, avoiding any potential time paradoxes.
  • On the 2014-06-03 stream, Bazza neglected to set up the proper tag team entrances. This caused The Mystical Ninjas to enter to The DK Crew's entrance, and PK Chu to enter to The Dragons' entrance.
  • On the 2014-09-02 stream, Bazza would accidentally assign the original Wario to enter a match, wherein in the story, Wario had been turned into a robot by the Practice. Since Robot!Wario was actually placed in the match itself, Bazza would skip the entrance and claim the brief glimpse was 'optic camo.'
  • The 2014-12-09 stream would again see Bazza, in a rush due to real life technical/gear issues, screw up and in attempting to take a shortcut, accidentally cause Scorpion and Donkey Kong to not only be labelled 'Toejam and Earl', but cause them to come out to the aliens' dancing entrance, hence creating an immortal VGCW moment as well as a BazzaQuality moment.
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