Aya Brea
EDBW Wrestler

Aya Brea
WWE 2K14 CAW created by: Cran Rightia

Aya Brea CG render
Design from: Parasite Eve

Nickname(s) Lightning
Commentary Name? A Ya Bee
Billed From? Manhattan, New York
Company/Group? Square Enix
Debut 2016-01-12
(Michinoku Driver)

Status Active
Impression Neutral

Aya Brea is the protagonist of the Parasite Eve series and a wrestle in EDBW.

In Parasite EveEdit

Parasite Eve series is sequel to a Japanese sci-fi/horror novel with same name. It was also Squaresoft's first rated M game! Mitrochondria is assumed to be different organism from humans in Parasite Eve universe, and Eve, the main villain, can use mitochondria to mind control and make people spontaneously combust. Aya Brea, a rookie NYPD, is unlucky enough to see people spontaenously combust, and is tasked with stopping the villain from taking over the world with mitochondria.